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Power Pump Girls, Inc. is dedicated to supporting women in their pursuit to positively impact their communities. With focuses on collaboration and career development, Power Pump Girls provides resources in the form of business networks, event programming, and funding.



Commissioning women to inspire action & influence change.


About the Founders

Power Pump Girls, Inc. (PPG) was founded with the belief that women are better together - when we put our minds to something, we’re unstoppable!

In creating PPG, founders, Sherin Dawud and Raina Vallot sought to address a need in their community. The need was to provide a safe space for women to come together and create something bigger than themselves. With a bold vision to commission women to inspire action & influence change, Sherin and Raina began hosting local events geared towards developing attendees into community leaders. Additionally, Sherin and Raina wanted to provide resources within and through the PPG community, such as business networks, event programming, and funding for female-led projects and start-ups.

With humble beginnings on social media platforms, Sherin & Raina built the brand to include a bi-weekly newsletter and encouraging messaging. A year after its conception, Power Pump Girls, Inc. became an official 501c3 non-profit organization, allowing agency to broaden its reach in the community with the help of donor funding. Power Pump Girls, Inc. now provides a series of event programming, online resources, scholarship opportunities to students, and grant funding.

Sherin & Raina aim to bridge the gap between generations of women by engaging in after-school programs for girls, speaking at local schools, and volunteering with other organizations focused on aiding and equipping the female youth in their community. It is their heart to have the mission of Power Pump Girls continue far past their tenure as founders and directors, leaving a lasting impact on the Louisiana community and beyond.