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About us.



Resonate positivity & spread uplifting messaging with a squad of like-minded women. 



Experience personal and professional development via PPG mentorship, programming, networking, and resources. 


Fulfill your life's purpose by discovering your unique potential and maximizing your God-given gifts. 


Our Values

• Community
• Integrity
• Optimism
• Empowerment
• Service to Others
• Collaboration

How we help

• Present Workshops
• Mentor Youth
• Create Community
• Host Social Events
• Provide Volunteer Opportunities
• Change the World!  



Our programs are developed to empower women from the top down. We aim to use our platform to inspire and empower millennial women to giveback to their community by mentoring and equipping the next generations of young women for success.


Hosted for and by millennial women, these workshops focus on providing attendees with tangible takeaways that help garner leadership, career, and entrepreneurial development


A 10-day high school / college summer program aimed at fostering young entrepreneurs and cultivating professional skills. This program is designed to take students from business ideation to implementation.

A semester-long internship program where students work together to complete a self-assigned project that embodies the PPG mission and vision while participating in various business development aspects of the PPG agency.


An elementary school mentorship program that cultivates self-esteem, social responsibility, and educational enrichment among young girls.


Our Story

Power Pump Girls, Inc. (PPG) was founded with the belief that women are better together - when we put our minds to something, we’re unstoppable!

In creating PPG, founders, Sherin Dawud and Raina Vallot sought to address a need in their community. The need was to provide a safe space for women to come together and create something bigger than themselves. With a bold vision to commission women to inspire action & influence change, Sherin and Raina began hosting local events geared towards developing attendees into community leaders. Additionally, Sherin and Raina wanted to provide resources within and through the PPG community, such as business networks, community programming, volunteer and internship opportunities.

With humble beginnings on social media platforms, Sherin & Raina built the brand to include a bi-weekly newsletter with encouraging messaging and resources, a millennial womens’ workshop series, and an after-school school program. A year after its conception, Power Pump Girls, Inc. became an official 501c3 non-profit organization, allowing the agency to broaden its reach in the community with the help of donor and grant funding. Power Pump Girls, Inc. now provides a series of community programs, online resources, internship opportunities to students, purposeful merchandise, and more.

Sherin & Raina aim to bridge the gap between generations of women by continuing the after-school programs for young girls, participating in speaking opportunities for young audiences, and volunteering with other organizations focused on aiding and equipping the female youth in their community. It is their heart to have the mission of Power Pump Girls continue far past their tenure as founders and directors, leaving a lasting impact on the Louisiana community and beyond.


Our Founders

Power Pump Girls, Inc. (PPG) was founded with the belief that women are better together - when we put our minds to something, we’re unstoppable!

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Sherin Dawud

As an entrepreneur for the last 5+ years, Sherin’s true desire and passion to help others defy their fears, define their visions, and execute their plans/goals. Her whole life she has not only believed in making the big jump, she has actually done it time and time again. Sherin is known for sitting and listening to the "why me's" and turning them into "why not me". When she's not strategizing or pouring into others, you can find her working out, deep belly laughing with her friends or finding a creative outlet to free her mind. Sherin wants to live in a world full of empowered women, avocado ATM machines, and free overnight shipping for everything!


Raina Vallot

Raina is driven by collaboration and relationship building. She thrives on executing the seemingly impossible and bringing fresh ideas to life. She is most passionate about working with others and building upon their already-existing strengths. For Raina, Power Pump Girls is more than a passion project or a's a lifestyle. She loves seeing PPG come alive through the diverse and exhilarant women of Baton Rouge and beyond. A few of Raina's favorite things are: quality time with friends and family, road trips, spicy food, couch naps, and worship music.


Board of Directors

At PPG, we believe the personal connection is important. Getting to know you and ensuring that you have a partner who is looking out for your interests first is fundamental to our values.

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Leone Elliot, Jr., M.D.


Ashley O'Neill


Crystal Pichon


Ellen McKnight, MPH


Pheriche Perkins


Advisory Board


Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas