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Power Pump Girls, Inc. is dedicated to supporting women in their pursuit to positively impact their communities. ✌️

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Explore our little box of blogs where you can find a variety of content - from girl talk on trending news topics to downloadable resources to help you with your hustle.

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Our Partners

Power Pump Girls works with companies and other organizations to empower women in our community. Our partners contribute more than money - their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build a stronger sisterhood.


PPG in the Press


Power Pump Girls and the fight against period poverty

That time of the month, Aunt Flow, Mother Nature … Periods. We’ve all heard of them, and at least half of the population has experienced them. They’re inconvenient, sometimes painful and always an expense that women begrudgingly pay for. Now imagine that every time Mother Nature visited you, you had zero access to any menstrual hygiene products. An atomic bomb on your pride and health, right? For many, this isn’t just a scenario, it’s their life.

It’s called period poverty, and the Power Pump Girls are ready to put an end to it. Their weapon of choice? The secured. program.


One Strike Doesn't Mean You're Out

In this episode, we talk about their many successes and their recent setbacks with the Strike Conference that they had planned for this Fall, the resilience of their community, and the impact of their work with girls from junior high to adulthood.

DIGbr - Power STRIKE

Girl power translates into a new women’s conference this summer. Sherin Dawud and Raina Vallot started Power Pump Girls, Inc. to empower women with information to become their best selves.  They’re planning to bring that mission to the next level with their inaugural STRIKE Conference

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225 People to Watch, 2018

From Lamar Advertising to the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, Dawud and Vallot host events for a variety of companies. And in 2017, they launched their passion project: a women’s empowerment organization called Power Pump Girls

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altBR - A forcible Impact for Good

Sherin and Raina are the dynamic duo behind Faith's 5th Events and the Power Pump Girls. Recently featured in 225 Magazine's 2018 People to Watch, the pair are leaving an impression on the Baton Rouge community. Self-proclaimed science nerds turned creative event planners, the two champion, equip and encourage women in the local area


Do What You Want Radio - Jordan Hefler

In this episode Jordan and founders of Power Pump Girls, Inc. Raina Vallot and Sherin Dawud discuss women empowerment, the road to becoming a non profit, and how to stay transparent to evolve your brand along the way.


University alumnae create women’s empowerment organization

Vallot and Dawud wanted to share this sense of confidence with other women. The duo saw a need for a space in Baton Rouge where women could come together to network and share their professional talents with one another in order to help their dreams come true, they said.


Get With the Flow: Power Pump Girls Inc fight period poverty and stigma

Everybody bleeds—but not everyone has the same access to affordable feminine hygiene products. Fighting period poverty and the lingering stigma around menstruation is exactly what the Power Pump Girls are here to do.




By donating to the Power Pump Girls, your generosity directly funds programs, tools, training, and resources to empower women in our community.