Power Pump Girls, Inc.
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Power Pump Girls, Inc.
encourage goodness, elevate purpose, empower together

Here are a few of our workshops!


Vision Boards

In our Vision Board workshop, we believe it is important to have visual representation of what your goals are. If we don't see it, we don't believe it and that is a major roadblock to success. 


Mind Mapping

In our Mind Mapping workshop, we help get ideas on papers and mapped them with tactical action items to get our girls going!



Encourage & Empower 

In our Encourage & Empower workshops, we take this time to step away from tactical takeaways and focus on building hope, confidence and tenacity.  These virtues are just as important as action items & goals. 




In our Brunch series, we focus on connecting women. We do this by curating women in the community with local businesses, online endeavors, and ideas and allow them to use our platform and community to share their vision. 



Elevate purpose

Dedicated to building.

It's important for us to leave an impact on our community through strategic programming. We've built our workshop series by handpicking women in our community to use our platform to share their gifts and tools with other local women. We believe that connection should be more than "feel good" moments. Although feel good moments are a large part of our mission,  we want the connections to be purposeful, tactical, and resourceful. If we can make a connection to women who wouldn't typically cross paths and position them to create something together, we've done our part.