Success Stories

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1. Kiara Dorion, DJ Kiki Doe


Power Pump Girls (PPG) has been like a whimsical talent recruiting agency that doesn't rule you out based on experience or credentials. They pull just the right amount of self-belief out of you and ensure you are wrapped in tight-knit community, all the while compelling you to fearlessly take the necessary steps, leaps, or whatever the action may be, to start the exhilarating journey of pursuing purpose and fulfilling dreams. But most importantly, this isn’t just the boost you get at the beginning of the race; PPG propels you to keep going through the peaks AND the valleys.

What's success without a family to share it with? PPG is just that; it's sisterhood and it is NEEDED! Because...well. I AM my sister’s keeper.

By the founding PPG’s reflecting self-actualization through their relentless hunger to pursue their wildest dreams, to constant motivation to keep persevering, keep putting yourself out there, keep organizing, and keep pushing, the PPG focus is less on the destination than embracing all the thrills of the journey.

I had my first public performance as a DJ mid-2017, totaling 3 gigs by years-end, all powered by PPG!  Now, only mid-way through February, 2018 has caught me by surprise! I have had 8 booked gigs in the first 3 months of this year alone, 7 of which have directly come from my PPG community! Exponential growth in that capacity is amazing; I couldn't even believe it! But to say the least, I now believe in ME!




Being in a male-dominated industry, or even simply doing what you love can be such an isolating, and intimidating path to take. I've never felt like I had to compete with the people who've inspired me in my field, but often times I have felt like I didn't meet the mark of "what's needed". With PPG, it didn't take an expert DJ to help me transform what I saw in the mirror; it just took some compassionately tenacious friends to remind me that "I'm Every's all in me!" And I firmly believe this type of bond is something we all need.

PPG has reminded me by showing me that it’s more about reaching people and forming a community than some business model or even profit-reaping. Being able to celebrate with people who've reached out to me from word of mouth, and not to mention PPG's having mentioned me twice in magazines and constantly on social media for collaborating, I'm elated to know that what started out small is catching on; furthermore, the fact that trust in the brand is so strong that people who know of PPG are more than excited to work with a sister in the community is worth even more!

I trust that my sisters want the best for me and everyone they've ever reached and will reach, in any capacity. What's relieving is watching them document it all along the way, re-affirming that it's a process for them too, and reminds me of high school music…”we're all in this together!”

That alone is power. It's more than's empowering. Can't stop, won't stop...too busy PPG'ing!

"PPG has reminded me by showing me that it’s more about reaching people and forming a community than some business model or even profit-reaping"

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2. Jasalyn, Luxe Fluff


Power Pump Girls is the perfect example of the phrase “women helping women.” I came to Sherin to seek simple advice about starting a business that she and Raina were already familiar with and she superseded my expectations. Not only did she tell me where to start, she also gave me best practices, product suppliers, and even creative ideas! She even still is reponsive when i reach out for little tips here and there.  Power Pump Girls’ business mentorship is golden!


3. Anna Abrahams


My first impression of PPG girls was their “Encourage. Empower. Elevate.” Event that they launched in 2017. My friend was a guest speaker and had an extra ticket. Naturally, I was willing to tag along and see what was up. The event was amazing! Totally inspiring and encouraging in every way! My favorite thing about PPG is how they bring women together who come from such diverse backgrounds and beliefs to encourage each other.