W(o)W: Abby Tuminello Bullock x Wanderlust

Picture of Abby wearing her favorite Steve Madden pumps that “add a little sass to any outfit.”

Picture of Abby wearing her favorite Steve Madden pumps that “add a little sass to any outfit.”

My friend and I came across Wanderlust while exploring Baton Rouge on a beautiful Friday afternoon. We walked into the boutique and instantly fell in love. They had everything we could want, game day outfits and accessories #geauxtigs, Mimosa Handcrafted jewelry, vintage clothing items, Cypress Hemp products from one of our very own hustlers, Kristy Hebert, and much more!

This fabulous Boutique is owned and operated by the female boss Abby Tuminello Bullock. In addition to being a female hustler and fashionista, she is a mother of two and is expecting her third child in December (Congrats)! She also has two dogs, Sammie and Stewie. I think it would be safe to say that Abby stays busy. If she is not tending to her Boutique, you can find her adventuring around Baton Rouge with her family or sipping wine with friends.

Abby would describe herself as silly, spontaneous, animated, genuine, and thoughtful. From experience shopping at Wanderlust I can agree that all of these vibes radiate from her boutique. She graduated from Wade Fashion College and obtained a fashion merchandising degree from UNT in Dallas. Majority of her career has been spent working in the fashion retail business. Some of her past job experiences include working at small stores throughout college, small department stores, Nordstrom and Dallas Market. She began working with the owner of Dallas Market and fell in love with following new trends and being able to start new ones by buying for stores.

Wanderlust began as a pop-up shop and a fashion truck, both of which still continue today. Abby shares how the humble beginnings Wanderlust helped her to make connections with the artisans whose jewelry she now sells. She strives to live every day to the fullest and make others smile in her personal and work life. this attitude and energy fuels her to keep living out her purpose. She believes we are here to “share our talents with the world and have the best time ever.”

I feel like every moment on earth should be as fun as possible.

-Abby Tuminello Bullock

Abby enjoys talking with her customers and making them feel good about themselves. She believes in giving great customer service to her great customers. She does this in different ways, by helping them find clothing and accessories or simply having a conversation.

What is Abby’s secret to continually pursuing her passions even when challenges arise? An open mind. She shares how sometimes she feels like she faces a new challenge everyday. Her husband is someone she is able to lean on when faced with challenges; although, she might not always listen to his advice (lol). He is her biggest supporter and will always be honest with her, which helps her grow and flourish.

To the female entrepreneurs in the house, Abby wants to encourage you to NEVER GIVE UP! She believes the first step is to take a step out on your own and do something you love. Despite the amount of no’s you hear or how hard it may get, never stop hustling. Abby wants you to keep listening to your inner voice that motivated you to take the first step.

People that don’t give up and learn from their mistakes always succeed.

-Abby Tuminello Bullock

Abby strives to make Wanderlust a place for openness, creativity, and positivity. She is appreciative to have a space where her customers, amazing staff, and herself can feel comfortable expressing themselves. Her job allows people to shine, which she believes is pricele$$.

Her proudest accomplish to date, in addition to her children, is her first pop-up. It was nerve racking and she was extremely anxious, but it ended up being successful and placing her on the path that led her to where she is today. Looking toward the future and where this path will taker her, Abby wants to keep learning and growing while improving her store and self along the way.

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