Beneath the Surface with Molly Taylor


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Elanor Roosevelt

Molly Taylor is determined to dream, willing to work hard to reach her dreams and is not afraid to be goofy along the way.

Molly Taylor is known for Beneath the Bark, which is a sustainable wood jewelry brand that is handmade locally in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition to being the female boss behind this jewelry brand that was featured in January 2019 at New York Fashion Week, she is a musician. You can find her touring around the U.S. nonstop with her partner Denton Hatcher.

Molly attended LSU for two weeks before dropping out to full heartedly pursue music. Molly bartended for ten years while striving toward her dream of playing music. Five years ago, Beneath the Bark was started in its simplest form when Molly was in need of Christmas gifts for her closest friends and family. When she is not busy with business or singing you might find Molly playing, relaxing or spending time with family.

For Molly, purpose exists in her personal life and in the existence of Beneath the Bark. She believes purpose is the reason for creating. Beneath the Bark puts this belief into action and give back to the earth. 10% of Beneath the Bark proceeds are given to efforts focused on planting new trees for future generations and restoring our coast in the fight against coastal erosion.


This is the word Molly uses to explain what she loves most about her career. She also appreciates the opportunity to make and witness materials that would otherwise be thrown away, transformed into new creations. For her, “giving new life to something considered unusable is an amazing feeling!”

Stay focused and work hard. Be confident, humble, and remember trial and error are a beautiful thing. Create, Learn, Grow.

-Molly Taylor

To other female entrepreneurs, Molly wants you to enjoy yourself. Chances are whatever you’re creating and developing is something that you love and enjoy, so don’t let that fade in the background of obstacles and trials that arise. When faced with challenges, Molly tries too, “deal with challenges as they come knocking.” Anyone else feel like they’ve been hearing too many knocks on the door? She believes that not everything can be controlled and sometimes, “it is what it is.”

Molly feels blessed and appreciative to create art for a living. She showcased her collection of Beneath the Bark Jewelry at Pier59 Studios. So far, Molly has been featured in The Cut Magazine with Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Christian Siriano, Rachel Zoe and more. Looking ahead, she wants to continue living her dream and spreading love by giving back to the community. On a personal level she wants to become more organized, enjoy herself and avoid over stressing and overworking (same girl!).



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