W(o)W: Simone J Banks x Sacred Space Candles

We’re back with our first Woman of the Week this month!

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Just the word candle makes me imagine myself snuggled up in bed with my favorite candle lit, a blanket wrapped around me and some chill music playing in the background. Lucky for us we have a local girl boss in Baton Rouge, Simone Banks, who created Sacred Space Candles!

Simone made Sacred Space Candles in an effort to remind herself and others to “slow down, breathe, surrender, and create” (I need that reminder everyday). She uses candles in what she calls “soft settings,” when she’s doing activities such as reading or writing. She wanted to share this piece of her with others.

Challenges are redirection.

-Simone J Banks

You can find Simone writing (at Highland Coffee or at home), reading, or watching movies if she isn’t busy making candles and cooking. Simone would describe herself as free and ambitious, she is a listener and patient. Currently, Simone is working toward her second Masters in Creative Writing at LSU, yes I said second Masters (you go girl)! She moved to Baton Rouge from L.A. after working in entertainment in film marketing for six years. Before L.A. she lived in Philly where she received her first Masters in Arts Administration and her Bachelors in Journalism from Drexel and Temple.

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She is a writer.

She is a curator.

She is a creator.

Simone uses all three of these realms in her life to share her inner self. As a writer, Simone uses her words to, “create a space for her readers to sit with interesting characters and content.” Her candles are used as a reminder that power exists in all of us. She uses her resources to create an artistic space to encourage and support creative flow. She accomplished this in April of 2019 with the Battle of the Canvas at Tin Roof.

She advises others to do the thing you have in the back of your mind and ignore all of the voices telling you not to pursue it, whatever your “it” may be. Simone believes that if your idea is pure for you it is pure for others. She suggests starting with family, friends, perfecting the voice and product, then going for it!

As a hustler and entrepreneur, Simone finds it most rewarding when she is able to see the look on someones face, covered with amazement, about something she had created with her hands. She enjoys being able to see her creations in the homes of others and share the same energy through their support and excitement for her and with her.

Simone is looking forward to watching her company grow but, she is more than Sacred Space Candles. Simone has goals of publishing her first novel and watching her art show move across the country. In the midst of all these #moneymoves it can be easy to lose sight of the purpose. For Simone, purpose means surrender and action.

Definition of Purpose:

When you find "that thing" that you can surrender to, let go of the outcome, and can see how it will change the world - no matter how small or large that world is - that action is unstoppable!"

-Simone J Banks

When faced with challenges, Simone finds her quiet. Her spiritual practice has taught her to listen and ask for guidance. She tries to let it all flow. Simone is proud of where she currently is, proud that she took action on her idea and started the company. As she moves forward she plans to “let the pieces fall as they may.”

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