Sydney Savage x ESSE Naturals

ESSE Naturals is a natural hair care brand that promotes hair health, skin health, and self love. All of their products are made with hair loving, yet skin conscious ingredients to give customers the best of both worlds. Their products are specifically formulated for curly and textured hair types, but can and have been used by all types!

The idea of ESSE Naturals began about a year and a half ago while Sydney was vacationing in Hawaii with her husband (with a pina colada in hand). She was fed up with her skin breaking out from the hair products she was using. In that moment she decided to start researching how to make her own products and took a deep dive into the world of ingredients. From then on it was history and ESSE Naturals was born.

Sydney’s favorite pumps!

Sydney’s favorite pumps!

Sydney would describe herself as realistic, passionate, a perfectionist, introverted, and ambitious. She graduated from LSU with an undergrad degree in Kinesiology and a Masters degree in Human Resources & Leadership Development. She is currently working in Human Resources at a national home, health, and hospice company as a Compensation Analyst.

When she’s not creating the perfect hair products you can find Sydney at the gym, with family, hanging with friends, or binge watching her favorite TV shows and/or movies (same girl!). She is a dog mom, lover of all things food (me too!!), and obsessed with Marvel and Harry Potter. Her proudest accomplish to date is, “setting my anxiety aside and officially launching.” You go girl! Moving into the future Sydney’s goal is to have her products in national retailers such as, Target, Sally’s, and Walmart.

“Purpose to me is anything that drives you to get up everyday and brings you peace.”

Sydney appreciates the opportunity to create, whether it be the brand, products, or website, her creativity loves to run wild. Creativity takes time and effort, so being able to witness others appreciate the products and enjoy the results of her hard work is one of her greatest rewards from her hustle. She advises other female entrepreneurs and hustlers to, “GO FOR IT and don’t let anyone, especially yourself, talk you out of it! Be ready to put in the work and make sure you try to enjoy your journey. Don’t focus so much on the end result that you don’t enjoy the journey getting there!” #enjoythejourney.

When faced with challenges, Sydney remembers and reflects on the reason she began and started. She admits to having moment of self-doubt and uncertainty (as I’m sure we all have). What helps her push and persevere is remembering the day she decided to make her hustle a reality! Make your hustle a reality and if you already have don’t forget why you started.

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