W(o)W: Ashley O'Neill Monaghan x KREWE & Personal Brand

Ashley is the manager of content and communications for KREWE, a New Orleans based small batch eyewear brand. She is responsible for the conception, production, and creation of content and messaging of KREWE alongside their VP of Marketing and Art Director. She works in a space where marketing and creativity collide. In addition to infusing her talents into the KREWE brand, Ashley personally offers brand and art direction for small business owners in the retail and hospitality industry! #hustlebabyhustle

She would describe herself as passionate, energetic, encouraging, determined and ambitious. Ashley attended LSU for advertising, but has a history as a musician! Throughout her college and high school years she worked in the fashion industry. She produced shows for up-and-coming designers, built brands through design, content, and social media, AND started her own business after college before joining KREWE full-time. . . . . WOW!

When Ashley is not working you can find her, and I quote, “Dancing to a live band, cocktail in hand.”

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Ashley gets #real and shares how she struggles with purpose and is unsure if she has found hers. She believes purpose is a life dedication that brings you joy and fulfillment. She faces challenges head on and won’t back down easy. Her advice to female entrepreneurs is to start and to not be afraid to ask for help because the hustle doesn’t come with a play book!  

Ashley loves the collaboration and creativity she is able to take part in. Diana Cohen, one of her favorite brand marketers, named her company "Levitate," inspired by those just to the right of founders. She asks the question, "What about the ones who light up when they levitate? The ones who find joy and make magic by bringing someone else's vision to life." Ashley personally identifies with this statement and reminds us that everyone has an important role, we succeed by helping one another.

Ashley appreciates being able to see immediate results, she shares how in a creative setting the energy invested can quickly be revealed. She produced her own music video at age 19 (okay, now she’s making us all look bad hahaha). She shares how there were many moving parts (shoutout to the LSU dance program director for choreographing). Ashley shares “This was the first time I realized I could be a real leader, a producer, a director — that I had the power to ideate and then follow through and that I could make people excited about something.”

Her goals change everyday. From dancing with cocktails to managing a full-time job, a personal business, and serving total vibes on Instagram, Ashley stays making moves.

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