Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

I am sure we all have experienced our share of Beyoncé  moments, when we look into the mirror and our confidence is at an all time high, but I believe we all have also felt the exact opposite. Women have grown up in a society that tells them to look a certain way, talk a certain way, dress a certain way, the list goes on. I was inspired to write about body image and self-love after coming across an article on The Odyssey . This article is about the personal journey of Anna Polo, a freshman in college. In this article she explains how her weight was criticized, but through her body image struggles she gained strength and an undeniable amount of self-love.

Self-love is a never ending journey, and it is a path we, as women, should help each other walk. We are able to do this with the help of positive influences in the media. Here are some women who are redefining the beauty standards of society and taking action!

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Candice Huffine is the creator of the @PSYouGotThis, a movement to inspire more people to get involved in running. This movement promotes the idea that every woman has a different journey. She also created DAY ONE an active wear line for women of all sizes!!

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Tatyana McFadden is a paralympic athlete who was born with spina bifida, which is a disabling birth effect where the spine’s vertebrae does not form correctly around the baby’s spinal cord. In High School she wanted to race with her track mates, this resulted in a lawsuit that led to a disabilities act in Maryland that now requires schools to allow students with disabilities to compete in interscholastic athletics.

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Olakemi Obi Is the founder of the Plus is Diverse Campaign. She encourages the representation of different races in the plus-size community. She promotes diversity and inclusivity.

These are just a few examples of women who are shaping and building a more welcoming and accepting society for women to enter into and exist in. There are women all over the world making a difference. It does not need to be a big campaign or a movement. The movement is daily.

Our movement as women is in the words we say, both to ourselves and each other. Our movement is how we treat each other, how we think, how we act, how we live. We all have the opportunity to be planet shakers and mountain movers. Will you?

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