Meet the Team - Olivia Rink


My name is Olivia Rink and I’m a junior at LSU. I’m currently a Screen Arts major with a focus in production. I’ve always had a passion and love for the arts. Finally, I have found my niche!

Austin, Texas  Keep Austin Weird and Keep Women Empowered!

Austin, Texas

Keep Austin Weird and Keep Women Empowered!

I hail from New Orleans, but I’ve come to consider Baton Rouge my second home! The relationships I’ve made and the Simple Joe’s I’ve consumed is unmatchable. I stay involved on campus by attending Screen Arts events and being an active member in the Pi Beta Phi fraternity. 

 If I’m not surfing youtube, or dying my hair different colors, you can find me driving around town with my friends, windows down, music up, with a Lighthouse Coffee Iced Latte (with almond milk of course!) in hand.

 Surrounding myself with good people and positivity is a top priority of mine. PPG is exactly that, positivity and good women! A friend introduced me to their page and I instantly knew PPG was a community I wanted to be a part of. After reaching out to Raina and Sherin, we came together with Mccaala, Bri, and Joey, our coordinator, and I became part of the first “offish” internship program PPG created!

“I have such a sense of pride to be working amongst empowering and inspiring women.”

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Observing intentional effort the PPG women exert into their work and how they implement encouragement into their everyday lives makes me want to work harder and be better at all I do. 


Currently, we have a a lot of things underwork that I’m super pumped ( Get it? “pumped”. . . like Power Pump Girls ;) ) about! As an intern, I’m able to sit in on company meetings about up and coming projects, help curate content, and head different projects targeted at student involvement.


My journey had just begun and I cannot wait to see where PPG takes me.

 Peace and Love,

Olivia Rink

Come say hi! @ohrink

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