Meet the Team - McCaala Olivia

Hey, hey! My name is McCaala but most people know me as McCaala Olivia, Caa, or the newest addition to the nickname rolodex, MC. I am currently in my final semester of my junior year (almost at the finish line!!). I am currently studying mass communication with a concentration in public relations in the Manship School of Mass Communication.

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I am a Baton Rouge native through and through! If I’m not running around LSU’s campus trying to find something new to be involved in, you can find me sitting behind my laptop toying around with Adobe Creative Suite learning a new skill! My dream job would be whatever allows me to walk in my purpose and fearlessly pursue my passion, making work feel a lot less like work.

How I found Power Pump Girls, Inc. is quite like how I find pretty much everything else — Instagram! A lot of my friends were in the same creative circle as Raina and Sherin, and I would see a couple of them sharing posts from PPG on their stories, ultimately working them into my instagram algorithm. I will never forget that one day. . .there was a post they put on their insta-stories that said “I need a nap after this nap,” and if anyone KNOWS me, they know that I AM A NAPPER. I, as crazy as this sounds, saw that as my sign. Specifically at this point in my collegiate career, I was searching for an internship and Manship emphasizes interning in different sectors (ex: agency, in-house, non-profit). This was my chance to try my hand at non-profits. I reached out and the rest is history! 

“Surrounding myself with these women has shown me that sometimes my dreams are too small.”

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PPG not only stands for naps, but they also stand for women like me. They stand for creating opportunities for women like me, providing access and continually pouring into those who pour into them. The roles that these women have taken up in my life as not only my bosses, but my sisters and confidants have made a major impact on my life in the short months since we have met. I know this internship was only supposed to be a semester deal, but what they don’t quite know yet is that they’re stuck with me for life. 

Finding PPG has confirmed everything that I thought about alignment and timing. As Bri said, trusting the process has never been more evident than before. I have become more intentional, more driven, and being around these women has shown me ambition on a new level.

Only the Lord knows how much I NEEDED these women. Women who are believers in Christ, driven, disciplined, and passionate about everything they do. . . even if that’s possibly running off of the road on the way back from Austin. ;)

Always with love, 


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