W(o)W: The Link Up

This week we have triple the amount of girl power! This is a special womEn of the week because we have three women, at the same time!

The Link Up is a podcast, which includes three stellar womEn, Reyna, Jasmine and Lauren. The podcast is designed for the melanated (Urban Dictionary definition: full of melanin) millennial maneuvering life, professionally, relationally, and spiritually. This podcast is fre$h and fun but will leave you inspired and encouraged to find your balance in this crazy life.


Reyna, Jasmine, and Lauren describe themselves as intelligent, loving, clever, entertaining, and playful. All of them received their Juris Doctorate (Congratulations!!). When they are not hustling you can find Reyna “being the life of the party” (same girl!), Jasmine “living and giving,” and Lauren chilling on the couch with her rescue puppy, Huey P., watching a ridiculous reality show (I am guilty of the occasional binge watching session of KUWTK, whoops).

They appreciate how their listeners are able to relate to their podcast. Knowing they are able to inspire and help others through hard times is what they consider to be their reward. When facing challenges these women have two answers: prayer and meditation. What is their advice to other female entrepreneurs? Don’t give up! they discussed this in their recent podcast “Passion or Profit.” They want you to remember, if there is something you want to do and don’t see it then CREATE IT because “brilliant ideas seem crazy until they’re done.”

“God has a purpose and plan for each and every one of us. Your purpose is the reason you were placed on this earth. However, the hardest part about “purpose” is finding your own. “

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The Link Up’ s personal favorite pump!

Reyna, Jasmine, and Lauren find the opportunity to control their own narrative and be free from parameters a reward as entrepreneurs and creatives. Launching The Link Up took courage to execute and they do not regret going for it. They stand proud of their growth and look forward to future growth and pursuing their future goal of reaching women across the world!

These THREE uplifting womEn of the week want you to GO FOR IT and throw your fear out the window. They encourage everyone to remember that someone needs you and your ideas. Bring them to life and GO FOR IT!

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Brianna Beck