W(o)W: Ellen Ogden x Ellen Ogden Art

Ellen Ogden Art is dedicated to the creation of murals, fine art, and sign art that adds vibrancy to commercial or residential spaces. Ellen Ogden Art adds “specificity of locale to brands, and provides uniquely crafted forums for social media engagement.” Who is the creative mind behind Ellen Ogden Art? None other than THE Ellen Ogden herself!

Ellen would describe herself as critical, calm, passionate, ambitious, and sensitive. She received her BFA in painting and her BA in art history. Oh, there’s more! Ellen graduated with honors, Summa cum laude (you go girl!!) from LSU. Fun fact: Ellen spent one year on national student exchange in Humboldt County in Northern California and a semester in New Zealand! She thought she wanted to be a curator, although, after some internships and time, she decided the cubicle life was not for her. Ellen learned the craft of stained glass, engaged in art lessons, and hustled until she found her niche.

If Ellen is not busy facilitating Ellen Ogden Art , you can find her hanging with family, mountain biking, running, swimming, traveling (she has a “lil camper”), or landscape painting. She is always hustling and living life!


“Purpose is something that gives reason, drive, and elevates the motivation behind living.”

Ellen finds her purpose when someone else feels inspired or moved by her pieces. She believes the reaction “operates on a full spectrum.” Ellen explained it like this, on one end of the spectrum of purpose, the creative may be excited to sell more product, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, a person may be moved by an artistic expression that taps into a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, or beauty: a transcendental experience.

What does Ellen love about her hustle? The experience and feeling of “losing track of time” when she gets into the groove of making. Ellen thrives off of the independence her hustle gives her. She is proud of her ability to have the gumption to continue hustling despite her reserved nature. Ellen admits that meltdowns have occurred ( same sis!) and shares how she grows from those meltdowns. She tries to meditate and stay physically active in order to keep her mental state balanced, which helps her problem solving abilities. Check out our blog about @bodysculptbarreprairieville for a fre$h way to stay physically active!

Ellen speaks helpful words to other female entrepreneurs . She encourages female entrepreneurs to “only listen to advice and criticism that promotes growth, not what inhibits progress.” She encourages female entrepreneurs to garner a lifestyle and skill set that elevates their natural talents.

Ellen lives aiming toward one goal, to achieve “life balance.”

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