Women-Owned Businesses You Should Be Following (Part 2)

We’re back and we brought more women-owned businesses with us! PPG loves supporting women, and we don’t want to keep these awesome women-owned businesses a secret! Help us out, and give these women some support. The links below will connect you to their social media platform so you can keep up-to-date on all things women and business in Baton Rouge!

We know all local women-owned businesses are not on this list, and we need your help! Use the comment section below to leave suggestions of other local women-owned businesses for future blogs. At PPG we commission women to inspire action and influence change, this can only be accomplished if we support and encourage one another.

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.”

-Iyanla Vanzant

We are here, together, to acknowledge the accomplishments our fellow women, for when one women takes a step forward we all do. Cheers to the long hours, long days, hard work, and the future of women-owned businesses.

The Arts

Ellen Ogden Art

Paintings, and works that translate your ideas, brand, sign art, chalkboards and mural spaces into fine art.

Beneath the Bark

Wearable wood that is handmade in Louisiana. Designed and crafted by Molly Taylor.

Of Moving Colors Productions

Of Moving Colors Dance Company (OMC) is a dance-theatre organization founded year 1987 in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Glam Camp

A summer camp for girls ages 8-13. Educating young ladies about makeup and more!

Fashion & Style

The Forbes Agency

  • Model/ Creative Talent Agency

  • Event Curation/Production 

  • Professional Creative Consulting 

  • Presence in BTR, NOLA, LA, & NY

Love Boutique

Mimosa Handcrafted Jewelry

Wears & Wares with a Story & Soul


Jewelry that is ethically sourced, made from stone recycled metal and handmade.


H Kyle Boutique

Reb’l Creative

Moxi Boutique

Food/ Beverage

Brew Ha Ha

Cafe, bakery, and sandwich shop


Vegan friendly Cafe

Batch Baking Company

“Making your life tastier, one batch at a time.”

Mushroom Maggie's Farm

Locally grown gourmet mushrooms.

Counterspace BR


Royal Rouge Photography


Kindred Figures (Blog)

A blog composed of authentic vibes, endless laughs, heartfelt memories.

The Link Up (Podcast)

Three female lawyers welcome you to join their ride of life with comedy, lifestyle, and inspiring discussions.

Out to Lunch (Podcast)

Join Stephanie Riegel for political discussions during lunch.

Health & Fitness

Body Sculpt Barre

Barre & suspension training.

Check out our recent blog about our experience at @bodysculptbarreprairieville !


The PPG Team

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