W(o)W: Maggie Long x Mushroom Maggie’s Farm

It ‘s all about mushrooms!!


Maggie Long owns a locally grown gourmet mushroom farm. She has been involved in the world of produce since her years in High School. She worked with Whole Foods the first six years they were open in Baton Rouge and worked her way up to Assistant Team Leader!! Maggie shares how this is when she discovered her love and passion for farming, produce, and building the relationship between the farm and consumer.

About eight year ago she transferred back to her previous employer, Stephen Wilson Stained Glass, which gave her the opportunity to spend more time with her daughter (she was a single mom at the time). Shortly after she met her now husband, Cyrus Lester, they started a mushroom farm. The had devastating fire In February of 2017 that destroyed the whole farm. For Maggie and her husband, 2017 was all about healing, recovering and rebuilding. In early 2018 they were back in motion and started selling to restaurants in New Roads and the Red Stick Farmers Market. They currently sell to about 25 restaurants in BR and surrounding areas, and just recently picked up commanders palace in New Orleans. WOW, what an example of perseverance and hard work!

Maggie’s farm and family are where you will find her devoting most of her time and energy as she continues “guiding and nurturing both to better futures.” She believes purpose is to give value and meaning to something important in your life and believes everything we do should have a purpose! PREACH MAGGIE! When it comes to obstacles she faces them head on and believes there is always a solution and we should remember to stay calm!


She believes the most rewarding part of her farm and hustle is that she is able to work at something she is PASSIONATE about and do so alongside her husband. Although she is able to take lead in a business that can change peoples lives, she highlights her opportunity to become the best version of herself in the process and make her children proud! Her goal is to continue educating our community about the health benefits of mushrooms, while constantly expanding her business and customer base.

Maggie would like to invite everyone to come visit them at the Red Stick Farmers Market on Saturday’s in downtown BR! They would love to meet anyone who is interested in trying some new mushrooms, and inform them of the different varieties they carry along with health benefits of each. She wants you to know, if you have only tried grocery store mushrooms (the white buttons, baby Bellas and portobellos), you have seriously been deprived and are missing out!

So get up early and get out to the market, Saturday’s from 8am-12pm! The earlier the better because they tend to sell out...

Keep up-to-date with Maggie:

Facebook: @mushroommaggiesfarm

Brianna Beck