W(o)W: Nicole Scott x Yoga Noir Project, LLC

Nicole Scott is a mother of four, wife of almost 18 years (WOW! Congratulations!), and a nurse of nine years. She is being featured this week in recognition of her Yoga Noir Project, LLC. The Yoga Noir Project strives to create a space for people of color to explore yoga on their path to wellness. The goal for Yoga Noir Project is to reach more people and grow so they can give more to the women of their community. There is a genuine and undeniable spirit of love and care fueling the Yoga Noir Project.

YNP Logo

YNP Logo

Round of applause for YNP introducing more than 150 women of color to yoga in 2018! Nicole advises female entrepreneurs to seek advice from those who know and understand the path they are on. Remember your friends will not always have the answers and that is okay! For Nicole, watching YNP grow and witnessing the lives of women change is what she finds most rewarding.

You will most likely find Nicole barefoot and If you do happen to spot her with shoes on they will probably be Chuck Taylor’s. Although, she owns a pair of COMFORTABLE black pumps that strap at the ankle. We all know a comfortable pump is always a favorite pump.

When it comes to facing challenges Nicole examines her mental capacity and emotions first. She asks herself questions such as, am I making the best and most rational decision? Is right now the best time to think about this? Is this an emergency or do I have time to consult a mentor? She strives to face challenges with less urgency and more intention.


For Nicole, purpose is what you were placed in this earth to accomplish. She believes she is a vessel and that her purpose is to do what is “right and good for the people.”

We admire Nicole’s motivated yet humble spirit. We wish YNP the best and are anticipating the love this project will give to our community.

Keep up-to-date with YNP and Nicole:

IG(& FB): @yoganoirproject Website: NikkyScottInc.com

Brianna Beck