All the Single Ladies

With Valentine’s Day approaching you may feel like you’re the only single lady in the whole world. You are not alone! We exist!

As a single lady myself, Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays I wouldn’t mind skipping over, BUT I have a solution to the February 14th blues. Instead of sulking in our singleness, why don’t we use this day as an opportunity to celebrate ourselves and our singleness?!?

Some of my single friends’ and I thought of some fabulous ways to celebrate our singleness.

First, gather all your single ladies and plan what you want to do together. If you don’t have any single friends use this full 24 hours to celebrate YOU!!

If you are taking the chill route, think about a girls’ night in. Friends, movies, popcorn, pajamas, and something sweet always makes for a good night! This is also the perfect excuse to bake cookies!! The Christmas season may be over but cookies taste good year round!

Maybe you need to tell the world how you feel, and there is no better way than with a song! Karaoke night anyone?? Sing your heart out, just don’t wake up the neighbors.

Looking for a night out on the town?? A fancy dinner with all of your gal pals is always fun! We also love an excuse to go shopping, and nothing makes a day more special than a new outfit. Maybe your nails have been dying for a new color, stop by your favorite nail place for a mani-pedi. If the weather cooperates a sunset picnic is sure to warm the soul.

Remember, no matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, your relationship status does not define you. We love you for YOU and we wish you the best Valentine’s Day Cupid could give!


Brianna Beck

Brianna Beck