Women-Owned Businesses You Should Be Following

As you know, we’re ALL about everything by and for women, ESPECIALLY when it’s local women. If you’ve been following along on our Instagram stories, we’ve been featuring local women-owned businesses that you should be following. We thought we should expand that list into a blog, and expound upon what we mean when we suggest you “follow” these girlbosses.

We’re big proponents of putting your money where your mouth is and doing more than hitting the “Follow” or “Like” button on social media. When we suggest you follow these women-owned companies, we mean for you to support, collaborate with, and celebrate them as they grow and succeed! By no means is this an exhaustive list - we plan to do more of these posts - but we were excited to start the year with these shoutouts. Baton Rouge actually has tons of women-owned businesses, and we’d love to eventually highlight them all!

Below, you’ll find 23 local businesses founded, made, and run by amazing women right here in Baton Rouge (and the surrounding communities). Comment below with any categories we left out or any businesses you’d like to see featured in the future!

Media / Advertising / Marketing

beBaton Rouge

Cazayoux Creative

Social Butterfly

Health / Fitness

Maxine Firm

Yoga Noir

Cultured Guru


Esse Naturals

Cypress Hemp

Elle Marie Brand


Tahjah Harmony

Taylor Hunter

Kristen Soileau Freeman

Jordan Hefler

Graphics / Creatives

Tyronecia Moore

Jennifer Hester

Gabby Murphy

The Visual Branding Group

Events/ Entertainment

JusTini Cocktails

DJ Kiki Doe

VAR Events


MJs Cafe


Basel’s Market Food Truck

Chef Celeste