Morning Rituals to Boost a Productive Day

        Top 9 Morning Rituals to Boost a Productive Day


Wake Up At the Same Time Every Morning. We are each given 24 hours a day, 8-10 hours should be spent sleeping. Waking up at a set time every morning trains your body to wake up at that time without having to use an alarm clock. Going to bed at the same time is also vital to your body waking up at the same time every day.

10 Minute Grace Period. Your first 10 to 20 minutes you’re awake are the most self-reflecting minutes of your day. Embrace those minutes, take time to center yourself and get creative. Set out short-term and/or long-term goals and write them down. Checking your phone during your 10-20 minute grace period can distract the self-reflecting or creativity currently happening. Avoid checking your Instagram feed or inbox the second you wake up.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day. There are many benefits to eating a healthy breakfast including taking in essential vitamins and minerals that can immediately jump start your day. Fueling up at the start of your day can also improve your concentration and daily productivity.  

Affirm Your Goals of the Day. Writing down your daily tasks and identifying your goals of the day helps boost the task actually getting done. Many people procrastinate tasks while a “To-Do List” promotes a “Do-It Now” affect. Doing this daily and every morning applies your focus and energy in which can progress your overall concentration!

Listen to Your Favorite Playlist. Everyone has that one song that boosts their spirits, and if you don’t, there’s definitely a song out there for you. Spotify has various playlist available made by regular people made to listen to while doing specific task such as “Cleaning”.

Stretch. Laying down for 8-10 hours at night is straining to your body. There are many benefits to stretching after rest, before exercise, even after exercise. Stretching gets your blood in circulation therefore, you can perform to your fullest potential!

Exercise. Yoga, Cardio, and ect. Is perfect for really getting your body fueled and upbeat for the day. Daily exercise can improve your overall health and also, provide a clear state of mind as you complete tasks throughout the day. Running, Cycling, or Swimming are all not only great exercises for burning calories, but are also very therapeutic.

Wash Your Face.  Removing impurities such as bacteria, dead skin cells, and overall dirt and grim built in your pores can be wiped away by washing your face every morning. Beginning this habit will promote healthier looking skin after only one week! This ritual is perfect for morning and even nighttime before bed!

Make Your Bed. Making your bed every morning you roll out of it can help instill self-discipline. Having self-discipline disallows procrastination, and helps make “getting things done” a hobby. To achieve any goal, you must want it for yourself first.

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