What to Wear to Work

7 Style Tips from Women In Business

   “No one captures a room better than a well-dressed woman. “

1.   Business is not huge fan of Denim! - Stay away from denim.

While denim is trendy, it’s seen as a more casual dress piece. In business, dressing professionally is always important, and denim typically communicates “weekend vibes.” Wearing denim to work highly depends on the work environment, so be sure to get a feel for your workspace before busting out the jean jacket or denim skirt. Hopefully, there’s an occasional “casual Friday” where you can rock your fave skinnies!

Did you know: Japan produces some of the finest denim in the world, but wearing denim to a business meeting in Japan is a huge NO!

2.   Flare over Fitted Any Day! - Dress comfortably.

Tight-fitted clothing can be excruciating to deal with for a 8-hour work day. Wearing loose-fitted, comfortable clothes while presenting, public speaking, or even sitting at a desk for work can help accomplish tasks and maneuver through a busy day.

3.   Bobby Pins are your friends! - Wear your hair away from your face.

Hair being in your face distract your focus and productivity. And while we don’t condone a messy bun everyday, wearing hair away from your face can help tone down any distracting wispies. It’s actually been proven that wearing your hair away from your face  makes you appear confident and awake because light is allowed to hit your face (yay science!). “Controlled and secure hair improves first impression performances” translates to “bobby pins are your friends.”

4.   No-Makeup Makeup Today! - Stay natural with your makeup

In the age of contour and highlight, unless you’re an official MUA or cosmetologist, a full face beat isn’t necessary for everyday work. So when it comes to work makeup, slow up on the smokey eye and bold red lip, especially if you’re walking into a big business meeting. KISS - keep is simple, sis.  You can even bare-face it with a little mascara and be good to go!

5.   Jewelry Compliments what's Already there. - Keep accessories to a minimum.

Over-accessorizing an outfit can come off as flashy or gaudy. When meeting someone, they’re met with your style first and with your handshake second. In terms of accessorizing for work, think Michelle Obama Monday-Friday, and let your inner Cardi B out on the weekends!

6.   Some skirts belong to the weekend - No excessive skin.

You may have heard before, but one of our business mottoes is: “BE your brand online and offline.” To do this, choose the style of dress that best appropriates the type of business environment you are entering, while still being a visual representation of your brand.  Showing too much skin in a professional business environment can create opinionated and bias judgement to your character. Avoid judgement by creating a great impression from the beginning!

7.   Neon or Pastel colors today? - Colors matter in business.

Whether it’s the highlighter yellow dress you chose to pair with neon pink heels or your new whale-blue hair, color matters in the place of business. While some companies have adopted uniform policies, many companies believe in allowing employees to have free dress. Color is fun, so by all means, be yourself! We encourage you to express your creativity while also taking into consideration the type of business environment you’re entering into.

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