W(o)W: Helena Williams

Meet Lanie!

Helena Williams, aka Lanie or HellKat, is a local maker that is all about female empowerment through art and design. After moving to California at 14, this Baton Rouge native was most impressed with how well the creative community flourished in a way she’d never experienced before. Her first thought was to bring the concept to Louisiana when she moved back in 2009.



Lanie is the owner of the Etsy shop, HellKat Design Co., where you can find wearable art that “supports and encourages females to love and proclaim their own bodies and capabilities.” A self-proclaimed “mom first,” Lanie is quick to give credit to her supportive husband, Jeremy, who helps set up her booths, do accounting, and watch their son when she’s working.


Finding fulfillment in using art to say something impactful, Lanie hopes that her work moves women to think differently about themselves and of their role in society. And, despite her “Refrigerator Art Syndrome,” she loves seeing people enjoying what she’s created. “I'm my hardest critique and I have hits and misses in my work, so when something does work it's so rewarding for me.”


Advice to Female Entrepreneurs or Girl Bosses in the Making

“Don't underestimate your ideas...Investing in your dream is extremely scary, but when it takes off, it's amazing.”

Lanie faces challenges by using the “eating an elephant one bite at a time” approach. She likes to focus on what she can accomplish “now” and if something gets in the way, “The Juggernaut” focuses on what she can do in the moment to move the ball forward.

“It’s not often that I let obstacles stand in my way.”

Looking to the future

Lanie is looking to extend her HellKat Design line to feature more pins, tees, and stickers. She also used to host events on a regular basis and would like to get back to that soon!



You can find Lanie on Instagram and Twitter using the handle @hellkatdesignco and on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/hellkatdesignco


Fun Facts

  • She has a twin sister!

  • She loves to nap (just like us!) as a mental reset.

  • Her proudest accomplishment was ordering her first set of pins!

  • Her fave “pumps” are a $12 UO find from 2010.

Power Pump Girls, Inc.