A Guide to Cold Emailing

What makes it cold? 

Cold emailing means you're reaching out (via email) to someone who doesn't know you...someone you've never met. Sounds scary, right? Well if you're from the south, we offer cold greetings all the time! We wave and speak to complete strangers almost everyday! We've come to adapt that mindset and behavior of making friends with strangers in our business model.

Recently, we had a chat with some of the ladies in our Facebook Forum on cold emailing vs. warm leads. In a perfect world, all of our contacts would be warm leads or connections we've made ourselves. However, when you're first starting out and even during your building process, that's not always your reality. We all have our ideal client that'd we'd love to snag for our portfolios. What if you didn't have a way "in"? Do you just keep them in your dreams or do you work up the courage to reach out, even if you fear hearing the word "NO"? 


We totally believe that "you miss 100% of the shots you DON'T take!" It's 2018 and although everything is at your fingertips and you can find whatever services you need in a matter of seconds, there are people that simply may not know you exist. 

What can "no" do for me?

You will hear the word no...and guess what...you'll hear it again & again. Hearing "no" is actually one of the best things you can hear from a potential client! Sounds weird, we know, but "No" can lead to "Yes." 

How? A "no" from a client can lead you into a conversation of what they are actually looking for. See! You went in blind and you now have a glimpse of what your dream client needs. So what can "no" do for you? It can refine your processes and help you understand your dream client better!

Cold Emailing & PPG

When we developed Power Pump Girls, ALL of our event funding and marketing came out of our own pockets. We knew it was worth every penny. However, we knew that it could be bigger and it needed more than what we had poured into it ourselves. We emailed and emailed and emailed other people asking for help (you can't be prideful AND be a business owner). Of course, we got no's and YES it got discouraging, but it didn't stop us. Each time we got a no, we had a follow up question:

  • Is there someone else we can speak with that can point us in the right direction?
  • We understand this may not be a fit for you, but do you know someone who'd be interested in our mission?
  • What about our mission can we vocalize better when approaching someone else?

Use those no's to your advantage. 

Lead with lunch. Create a connection. 

Our best advice in general, with all things, is to lead with giving. This includes cold emailing. Lead with lunch (not business). That's right! We typically avoid leading with an ask UNLESS we're asking what we can do for the recipient first.

This is sooooo important. Human connection is still vital, even in the digital age. Typically, the people we reach out to are people we admire. We learned early on in business that whether someone is the CEO of Nike or the President of the United States, they are still HUMAN. People simply need connection and titles don't make them. We believe in flattery in its most genuine form. We ask to hear from people - we want to hear their stories over lunch or coffee (usually our treat, too!). Making this connection and building a relationship always takes precedence over business. Again, we're Southern, so speaking is common courtesy and also a part of our everyday lives. 

Tailor the message to the recipient (we've messed this up before)

Do your research about who you're emailing and make sure your message is crafted to them personally. We've emailed large companies and have copy & pasted some messaging without removing the prior company's name. OOPS! Don't let our oops be your oops. We learned our lesson immediately. We now believe in tailoring every single email we draft. It goes a lot further and the intent can be felt through your wording.

Establish Credibility.

Although you are making friends, make sure you establish your credibility. You have to have substance past the initial contact for friendship, no one wants an empty person added to their circle. After you solidify that lunch or coffee date, and it's your turn to share your passion and dream, this is your time to SHINE! 



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