10 Tips: How to Grow a Massive Following on Instagram


1. Post Consistently 

The more active a user is on Instagram, the more they are noticed by Instagram users. That results in more Instagram followers and likes. Studies suggest that profiles that post at minimum, seven times a week, gain followers and likes faster than a profile that doesn’t post frequently. Posting at least seven times a week, once a day is prominent to increasing Instagram followers.

2. Create a Theme for your Instagram

Most attractive Instagram profiles have an aesthetic or a color scheme. Weather its makeup, fashion, or skateboarding, most attractive accounts have a type of content they post consistently. Pick out the most interesting thing about yourself, such as driving fast cars or doing comedy videos, and post it consistently.



3. Use the Proper Hashtags

Proper hashtag usage can help your account be found by thousands of Instagram users. It’s best to post your hashtags as a comment directly after your comment. Another important hashtag rule is to, never use the same hashtags everyday. Research popular, related hashtags to your Instagram and utilize the ones you’ve found.


4. Post at your Followers Most Active Times

To increase followers, and remain consistent, you want to post at the same time everyday. Most people are on Instagram around noon or the afternoon depending on the age group of your audience. Instagram insights, which is provided to Instagram business accounts, inform profiles of their follower’s most active times.


5. Host Instagram Giveaways

How to Host Instagram Giveaways

Instagram giveaways and contest always contain a catch. Hosting a contest or a giveaway is a great way to boost the amount of your Instagram followers. Most accounts lay out rules such as “Tag at least 2 friends in the comments”, or “ You must be following my account”. When doing a contest or giveaway, it is important to say the rule “ You must shout out my Instagram” or “Repost this post” to boost Instagram followers significantly and reach thousands of people.


6. Engage with your Followers

The more engagement there is on your profile, the more your Instagram is found in the search engine after typing only 3 letters. Liking your followers post and commenting back to your followers boosts engagement.


7. Use your Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics is provided to business account. Instagram Insights inform business profiles about activity, content, and audience analytics for the week. Analytics inform you of your overall growth weekly, recording your progress will help assist the steps to continue boosting your audience on Instagram.


8. Link your Instagram Account to other Social Networks

If you’re also active on Twitter, Snapchat, or Pinterest, linking your Instagram account to those profiles can help followers find you on Instagram as well. Most of your followers are most likely not following you on every platform.


9. Encourage Users to Follow You

Many Instagram users view your Instagram from the explore page. Post a simple comment,  

“ Follow me for more content like this” to rear in more traffic on your profile. Posting videos or hosting live videos are often able to be found on the explore page to followers who don’t follow you. In the act, encourage users to follow you by mentioning your handle.


10. Create Attractive Content

Most Instagram users are more attracted to a  consistent types of post with quality. Create at minimum, five pillars of content and stand out from other instagram accounts using light and bright themed colors.

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