Workshop No. 1 Recap

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This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Workshop No. 1 in our 12-part series. Courtney “Hustle” Scott got us kicked off the right way by taking us step by step through her Mind Mapping process. Essentially, Mind Mapping walks you through identifying your goals and forging the path to achieving them.

Courtney, who so graciously spent the morning of HER BIRTHDAY with us, shared her excerpts from her personal story, along with her methods for achieving greatness. She dropped the major key of how she sets her mind (and her clients’ minds) to accomplish big things. Courtney literally says out loud: “What are your dreams? BET. We’re gonna make it happen!”In our intimate workshop setting, we had 13 attendees that took the first tangible steps to achieving their goals. Courtney’s Mind Mapping steps include identifying the following:

1.     What Is Your Big Goal?

2.     What Are You Good At?

3.     What Are Things That Are Stopping You?

4.     How Can You Overcome Those Roadblocks?

5.     What Are Three Small Goals You Wish To Achieve?

a.   What Is A First Step You Can Make in Achieving That Goal?

6.     BET. We’re Gonna Make It Happen.

Laura Nyugen was kind enough to let us share her Mind Mapping doodles with you all. She took hers a step further and wrote down some affirmations and daily routines that will help her to achieve her Big Goal.



Courtney emphasized the importance of continuing the Mind Mapping process and re-evaluating yourself every step of the way! This workshop was received well by all our attendees and perfectly segwayed into our next workshop with TahJah Harmony, which will focus on creating a Vision Board. We’re excited to have a craft day with our PPGs to visually represent our purpose-driven missions for 2018 and beyond!For more photos from Workshop No. 1, check out our Facebook page!

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