To: You From: Us


Dear Power Pump Girl,

We want to let you in on our journey to our upcoming conference, STRIKE. Planning an event such as this is very much so intimidating. We've put ourselves out there to a whole community with our deepest dreams to create an impact. Have you ever shared your dream with someone, and had the stampede of not-so-good thoughts flood your mind? What if they don't like it? What if it doesn't work? Who do I think I am? Is this really an important mission? We know the feeling...

This conference is a first for us, and although it's new,  we believe that transparency equals relatability. We also believe that we cannot push you to do something beyond YOUR wildest dreams, if WE don't first practice what we preach. You're not the only one who faces doubt & fear. We all do! It's what we do with those emotions that transforms us. So here we are, after sharing our idea and platform with the world, we are HURDLING (because some mountains are meant to be climbed and not dozed through) our doubts and fear with support from our community. That was the initial and continued focus of PPG - we wanted to connect a community of dreamers and risk takers for an environment that is conducive for production. 

Power Pump Girls isn't a movement. Movements are just that..something that moves. When it moves, it's gone. PPG is here to stay. It's a concrete notion to impact the way women think, which in turn, impacts the way we act. Actions, create change. And change starts with you! Don't over look your impact. 


Is STRIKE for you?

Do you believe that change starts with you? Is there something missing in the city you live/love? Is there something you want to create? Do you feel that there is a gap between generations and tax brackets? Do you want to be connected with a story from a woman who's story empowers you to take action?

STRIKE is aiming to provide a space to address these inequality issues, inspire next generation leadership, and empower women in this community to be the trend-setters and world changers we aim to be.

Join us August 17th & 18th for our STRIKE - an impact that will bring about positive change.