Stepping into the New Year on the Right Foot


Happy New Year, PPGs!

We’ve missed you all over our holiday hiatus, but we’re back and fired up about 2018! Our hearts are set on making this year the most memorable and successful year of our (and your) lives yet.

We recently had a goal-setting meeting where we discussed our plans for this year. Number one on our agenda is being more of service to our girl squad & continuing to build a community of like-minded women! We will accomplish this by continuing to offer event programming, online tools, downloadable resources, and a thriving network of boss babes just like you to meet, connect, and collaborate with!

In 2017, we launched PPG and were in awe at the tidal wave of support we received. Since hosting events, blogging, and communicating weekly with our subscribers, we’ve seen our PPG girl squad grow & THRIVE! We had SO many testimonials of local women meeting one another (and eventually working together) through PPG events, social media, more! We also had several women start their own businesses after attending a PPG event or speaking with a fellow Power Pump Girl. THAT is what makes our hearts glow. THAT is what we want to see more of in 2018!

Our mission to encourage goodness, elevate purpose, & empower together holds firm going into 2018 and we look forward to hearing many more feel-good success stories from our PPG community this year!



1.     Have a Vision

Who  kind of person do you want to be for others? What mark do you want to leave on your community? Where do you see yourself 3/6/9/12 months from now?

2.     Make a Plan

How will you attain and maintain self-improvements? What action items will be a part of your every day? How will you achieve your big picture goals? See our Mind Mapping blog for help!

3.     Round Up Your Girl Squad

Of course, we’re BIG proponents of every girl having their go-to squad! Who are your accountability partners? Who can you count on to encourage you when you’re down? Which of your besties will hear out your crazy ideas? Keep yourself surrounded with those boss babes & treat them well in return!

4.     Refresh

Be sure to take time for yourself on a regular basis. Run a bubble bath and relax phone-free! Schedule a mani-pedi day for yourself or plan a vacation or stay-cation. Use this self-care time to seek inspiration to further your vision.

5.     Reset

Once you’ve taken the necessary steps for self-care and are in a healthy headspace, reset your mind and body to achieve your next action items that will lead to accomplishing your goals!

Power Pump Girls, Inc.