Practicing Self-care as an Entrepreneur

We’ve been in business for about 3 years now and we have come to appreciate ourselves more than our work. Yea, we know that sounds weird, but we’ve learned that “self” has to come FIRST. When that piece is in alignment, then everything you touch will be just as healthy and stable as you are!

What is exactly is self-care? There are actually lots of definitions, but we simply lump together any and everything that consists of being attentive to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Here are a few tips we incorporate into our daily self-care practices:


Exercise reduces stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and produces endorphins which act as natural pain killers and mood elevators. While we aren’t telling you to start training for a triathlon (which would be pretty cool), we ARE saying that exercise such as cardio or light weights for 20 minutes a day could change your stress levels and free up your mental space! Our faves are the infamous stair-master, resistance band exercises, and group cardio classes to mix up the routine!


This one is pretty self-explanatory. And although pretty redundant in our fast-paced society, it holds a ton of truth. Eating better can be put into action several ways. Our faves include meal-prepping on Sundays (make a party out of it and invite some friends to join) and limiting the number of times you eat out in week (stack those coins, sis!). We are still working to master the art of sleeping more, but the best advice we received recently is to not feel guilty about catching some mid-day zzz’s. If your schedule allows for it, listen to your body and REST when you can! You already know the whole recommended 8hrs a night spiel.


Meditation induces relaxation which dilates your blood vessels, causing your blood pressure to drop. Okay, can we be honest? No one ever feels like they’re meditating correctly (us included). We found a couple of apps: Calm Headspace that have helped guide us through this strange, quiet place full of jumbled thoughts of breathing and body positioning.


As a freelancer or an entrepreneur you find yourself being/working alone more often than not! Counter this by getting out of the house and going to a coffee shop or find a fellow freelancer to buddy up with! This accountability really helps you push through deadlines and keeps you out of your own mind. Human interaction is so important for mental health. You can vent, bounce ideas, comfort or push one another!


Go. Outside. There are so many things outside of your home office or neighborhood coffee shop. Fresh air cleans your lungs, improves your blood pressure, makes you happier, helps with digestion and strengthens your immune system.  Just enjoy the great outdoors!


Make this break something you look forward to daily! Whatever your “thing” is. For some people it may be painting, it may be exercising, eating, social media or yoga. Whatever you enjoy doing, put that in the middle of your day to help you get over the self motivated work day!


If you have a scattered to do list, try and make it a little more manageable by focusing on one area per day. This will allow you to be laser focused on one task at a time, causing you to push out quality work!

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