Invest in Rest


Self care is not one size fits all. It looks different on everyone. 

So how do you start?

Of course we aren’t expecting you to jump right into a 2 day meditation retreat in your closet, but we are encouraging you to start small. 5 minutes here and there will work MIRACLES for your peace of mind, the pace in which you begin to take actions manifesting your dreams, and mental clarity.




Morning routine

“From small beginnings come great things”. It’s really important to start the day off right. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. Slow groggy morning and irritable mindset? Slow groggy day with irritability surrounding & following you. High energy – positive mindset? Great day filled with positive encounters.

Heres what we do:

  • Set your alarm to wake up (slightly) earlier…we know how attractive the snooze button is, but RESIST it sis!
  • Take a few long deep breaths in & out (this really gets the blood flowing)
    • if you can add a 5 minute meditation to your routine DO IT!
  • If you feel any kinks from bad sleep, stretch it out. If not, stretch anyways!
    • stand up & touch your toes
    • hold ear to shoulder (do both sides…duh) 
    • classic spinal twist
  • Drink a full glass of water (great for the skin & helps with those food cravings)
  • Head to that mirror…AFFIRMATION time!
    • I am more than enough
    • I attract opportunity in every room I walk into
    • Today, I will be a blessing to at least one person
    • I am confident, strong, and needed
    • I love ME!

We know this seems like a lot, but honestly it will take you 15 minutes…do you have 15 minutes to care for yourself?

“Do what you want” -Jordan Hefler

It’s important to sprinkle in some things you love to do. Doing what you love will send you straight into your happy place, increasing your endorphins allowing you to vibe at high frequencies! When you vibe high, you attract more high vibes.

Here are some things we enjoy:

  • Cooking & eating (first things first)
  • Couch & blanket (naps are obviously fun as adults)
  • Reading & journaling (because it’s important to put those thoughts in an external hard drive)
  • Friends & freestyles (yes…we rap)
  • Workout & stretch (bc we’ve been working on our summer bodies for 3 summers straight lol..we’ll get there eventually)



*Warning, this one may cause withdrawals*

Turn off your phone or turn it on do not disturb. You need time in your day where you are not woven into the outside world. This is perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself. We like to light some candles, throw on some music (no lyrics), and zen out. There’s an art to doing nothing. We literally don’t know how to be okay with not doing a single thing anymore. However, this is where the world is the most quiet, and your ideas and dreams can fester.

Take out that journal and draw, doodle, write, create, or do nothing at all but stare. 

Most importantly, remember…YOUR life…YOUR pace. You’re the most effective and successful when you operate at levels you’re most confident in.