Guide to LA pt3: Food

We saved the best for last in our PPG Guide to LA… food, duh! We ate so very well while in LA, especially indulging in the never-ending vegan/vegetarian spots, since those are few and far between in the “other” La. We had sooo many rec’s from LA locals, but didn’t have time to try them all. Of the places we ate, these are faves!


The first night we touched down, we were STARVING and needed a late-night spot that served something fresh and not fast food. A 15 minute drive from the hotel landed us at Pho Café in West Hollywood. We all agreed that the pho did not disappoint. As always, we had to add extra spice, to the point our sinuses were fully cleared and we began to sweat a bit. We highly recommend this little shop for any last-minute or late-night pho cravings. SO GOOD.


After Day One of The Yellow Conference, we were wanting to grub on some more non-traditional food, so we venuted to Little Ethiopia, the town. Of all the restaurants in Little Ethiopia, we opted for the spot literally NAMED Little Ethiopia! Again, no disappointments, along with no utensils! This cuisine is full-on family style & fingers only! We shared the vegetarian spread and the Ethi version of Indian Samosas….all the yum! We were completely satisfied and ready to take on our shopping day after fueling up here!


Lunchtime on Day Two of Yellow Conference landed us in the MOST positively uplifting restaurant any of us had ever experienced! Thie clean, modern cafe in the Arts District with seemingly endless menú options is LITERALLY VEGAN HEAVEN. Our favorite part is that the menú reads as a series of affirmations. You have to place your order by saying I Am ___________. We each orderd a bowl and shared some apps in almost complete silence because the food was THAT good. We tracked down the manager and did our best to convince her to open a New Orleans location! …brb, still reminicing on those cauliflower buffalo “wings.”


After an overly-ambitious Runyon Canyon hike with NO breakfast, we retuned to our hotel on the verge of full-blown hangriness. We weren’t patient enough to hail another cab or uber to another restuarunt on our list of recommendations, so we just walked a block across the street to Wasabi. We figured we couldn’t go wrong with Asian food in Koreatown. We were right!…or maybe just extremely hungry. Either way, we ordered and shared an array of foods that didn’t last long on the table! We literally inhaled this post-workout meal! If you’re in a hurry like we were, we’d for sure recommend this pick-up!



Apparently this restaurant is IT when it comes to Sunday brunch. Seeing as our flights departed Sunday morning, we decided to try out their dinner instead. This tiny gem in La Brea is known for its high-end wines and unique, savory shareables. *TIP: make reservations* We had to be put on the waitlist for a table, which is how our adventure into Bleu occurred (see Pt. 1 of the PPG Guide), but the food & experience were every bit worth the wait! We each paired a glass of wine with our family-style brussel sprout bowl and lobster & uni (sea urchin) spaghetti. UM…YUM! Oh, and we forgot to mention, you’re greeted at your table with your own footlong breadstick! We were still pretty full after our dinner, but couldn’t NOT get dessert. We shared a DIVINE chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream and left the building with #noragrets.



Our last amazing eat was one of our LA friend’s favorite spots that he insisted we try. Sage is nestled on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Logan St and has the coolest hipster aesthetic. When we saw how extensive this vegan menú was, we went ALL IN. We ordered another round of the cauliflowe buffalo wings, vegan chili cheese fries, pizza, burgers, salad, bowls, pasta, and more fries! We mixed in a few vegan beers and cocktails and called it a wrap! Absolutely amazing … we even got some savvy style tips from our server! We didnt save room for any dessert, even though their vegan ice créame looked sooo tempting. We can say without a doubt that Sage will be on our restaurant list during our next visit.

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