Gain total control of your cash! (quick read)


Okay, we still don't understand why budgeting isn't a course offered in school...or any other adulting resources for that matter. We won't hop on our soap box, we'll just be a part of the solution! The YNAB app has been a LIFE SAVER (all caps worthy) in our lives! It's helped us save for girls trips, business purchases, and develop a savings net for those dry times where the clients are flocking to your services. 

YNAB (you need a budget)

This app was suggested by a personal friend of ours, and at first it's intimidating. It really shows you how financially irresponsible you are. But they say the first step to getting better is admitting it, right?! They have a few features that are legit af! 

  • Bank Syncing

  • On the Go

  • Debt Paydown

  • Goal Tracking

This app is free for the first 34 days, and runs you about $5 a month after! Before you start complaining about $5/month, think of the unnecessary purchases you make a month that don't benefit you or your business! Need help diving deeper into how to use it effectively? We've found a Power Pump Girl who's going to offer a free online course!! Follow, Erica Smith for more information! 


*Cardi B voice* Okurrrt! Thank us later!