Disrupt Your Convenience

Change is inevitable. Get use to it.

When is it needed?

Change is necessary when you begin to feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again and nothing seems to be happening…some call this insanity. However, we choose not to change because we are deep down comfortable with the systems we’ve created for ourselves over the years. We’re use to the same old same old, and we feel at some point our consistency in the old way of doing things will yield us that big pay off we’ve been working so hard for. WRONG. Disrupt your comfort zone. Break your own barriers.

All things are available to you, you just have to be willing to go after it.



The first step in change is becoming aware that what you’re doing isn’t actually working for you anymore. Be aware that you’re going in circles, but don’t let this discourage you. This is actually a pivotal point in moving in the right direction. Awareness simply means the knowledge or perception of a situation. There are literally a million voices that occupy your mind, and we tend to let them lead in the dialogue of our life. It isn’t until we become aware that we have true control of what we accept to listen to.



This is developed in your heart. It is the catalyst in which a fruitful foundation can be built. Ask yourself,  why is this change important for me? You begin to “fill” empty. I know this sounded weird. Here’s the tea girl, you have a tank that gets filled daily. Some of the stuff we fill it with has exactly what we need for to fuel the moment…but then it runs out quickly and you “feel” empty. It’s because you’re not operating with purposeful intent. There’s a strong affinity towards those who lead with their heart. In everything that you do during this period, make sure that every decision, every word, and every action has meaning.

 (first off this is how real friendships are developed)




This is the action phase of change. It requires something out of you. You have to be willing to die to your old self. Let it go. Bury it. Don’t be too attached to who’ve been, that you can’t grow and develop into who you’re called to be.  In the digital world this would be called a system override. Shut down all of your old ways of thinking and doing things. It’s not the most easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely the most effective.

“Most people want the convenience of transformation without the inconvenience required for it” Lisa Nichols

Condition yourself to new habits, new thoughts, and new people.


  1. Become aware that what you’re doing is no longer working.
  2. Develop an intent in your heart to do all things with meaning.
  3. Be inconvenienced temporarily. Detach yourself from who you’ve been so that you can transform into who you’re called to be.