W(o)W - Melinda Vallet

This chick is one of THE coolest we’ve met in a while, so it was only right that she had the honor of kicking off (get it??) our W(o)W features! Introducing Melinda Rae Vallet!

Melinda is a creative designer that works with S/ash  and other creative companies on all things dopeness. Originally from Louisiana and hailing more recently from Raleigh, NC, this history graduate from SELU faces challenges “head on and guns blazing!” With her goal of being an international influencer for women, we can TOTALLY envision her taking on any obstacles in that exact manner.

When we asked Melinda about what she considers the most rewarding about being a creative, she responded, “A friend recently articulated this to me, what that spark is…the passion. It’s the closest to magic you’ll ever come. Conceptualizing people’s visions or ideas and breathing life into it…is the most rewarding feeling one can possess. The intermingling of ideas and watching it grow into something real…that’s the human purpose right there.”

Her proudest accomplishment to date was rallying in $33K in just THREE DAYS when she was working for Benefit Cosmetics at a Southern Women’s Show in Raleigh! At the time, that was 10% of the company’s annual sales aaaand the highest bench marker to date! Melinda has earned major bragging rights working with notable brands such as Jo Malone London, Lush Cosmetics, and La Mer Beauty to name a few, but she remains humble about it all.

Purpose, as defined by Melinda, is synonymous with existence: “I can’t have one without the other. Every conversation, every vision starts with purpose and motivation. Without that design it just becomes blasé.” Her advice to aspiring or blossoming female entrepreneurs? “Stop weighing competition. Embrace other women and females. Collaborate with them share your ideas and something colossal will always come from that when we start to empower each other.” …can we say retweet?!

Overall, Melinda is our kinda girl! She’s all about inspiring fellow lady bosses and shattering the status quo, and being relateable, even with a resume as impressive as the one she’s got! Melinda’s fave pair of power pumps are her French Connection Ellis pumps. She describes them as “classic with a little texture and edge.” I think if we had to, we’d describe her just the same.

Check out her site: www.badassbabesquad.com for more!

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