W(o)W - Marisha Beckwith

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It’s springtime & as temperatures rise and vacation plans are being made, we can just about guess what’s on the mind of every girl reading this: “Where are all my summer clothes?! I NEED to go shopping! I have nothing to wear!” Been there. Currently there. The struggle is real.

Lucky for us, on the days you don’t feel like leaving our couch, we can shop virtually from our smartphone or computer! And in the age of pop-ups, you can shop unique pieces in smaller quantities so you’re guaranteed to be a stand out! If you’re looking for one of a kind looks at affordable prices, we know a girl.

This week’s Power Pump Girl is a dreamer that, not that long ago, pushed her fears aside and JUMPED! A true fashionista at heart, Marisha Beckwith followed her passion for fashion and opened up her very own online clothing boutique! Our girl “Rish” is such an inspiration because she proves it’s never too late to begin dream-chasing! Introducing our Woman of the Week: “Styled By Rish” owner/ operator, Marisha Beckwith!





As a Southern University A&M College grad with a background in retail and styling, Marisha says her favorite part of her “job” is connecting and developing relationships with people through her business. When a customer leaves “satisfied and feeling great bout themselves,” Marisha considers her work a job well done!

“Styled By Rish” is different from most online boutiques because Marisha offers one-on-one styling consultations for clients interested in more than just purchasing her merchandise. Rish considers her career rewarding because she gets to connect to and help encourage other women using her personal gifts.  In encouraging other women, she offers this advice to other aspiring female entrepreneurs:

“Go for that burning desire that’s been in your heart! It may be more than one idea but start somewhere. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t step out alone! Seek out a partner you can trust. You don’t know everything… there is someone that can give you knowledge you don’t have. And most importantly, don’t allow fear or what people may think of your idea hold you back!”





Her words of wisdom have the experience to back them up, too. Being just short of 1 full year in business (insert confetti), Marisha says her proudest accomplishment to date was just taking the leap into entrepreneurship itself. “Just the fact that I stepped out on faith and went for that burning desiring God placed in my heart” was consolation enough for Marisha to keep going & keep dreaming big! This is evidenced in her future goals of being an international brand and having “Styled by Rish” be an introductory platform for other business ventures.


Her proudest accomplishment

“I stepped out on faith and went for that burning desiring God placed in my heart”