W(o)W - January Hart

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This fashionista mom got her blogging start as the stylish show-stopper in the carpool line. Her OOTD’s were always turning heads and had all the other moms wanting to know where she purchased her stylish pieces! When one of her good friends was moving away and would no longer be able to see her outfits in person, this Power Pump Girl got resourceful and started posting her threads online. The rest is history, as January Hart Rizzo soon grew to be the blogger sensation we know & love!


January, or “Jan”, as her family calls her, got her start in clothing and fashion with a degree from LSU in Apparel Design. In the career world after college, January began working behind the scenes, designing childrenswear.  Because she was always a fan of staying on-trend and chic, not much changed for January’s dress-up routine after having kids. In fact, she says the world of blogging was an “unexpected journey.” Today, January maintains her life + style blog and services over 42K Instagram followers with her daily doses of gorgeousness!

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So as a full-time mom and wife, we wanted to know January’s “WHY.” Why does she do what she does? Why does she continue to share so much of her life with others when she could just solo slay in the streets? In her words, it’s all about her dedication to “helping women look, feel and be the best versions of themselves.”

“For me, being creative has ALWAYS been what makes me tick. Even as a child, I enjoyed creating things, but with respect to blogging, I truly enjoy interacting, meeting and feeling like I’ve connected and helped someone in some way. Sometimes that’s just helping someone find a great pair of jeans and sometimes that’s sharing my personal struggles and how I allow my faith to get me through those times. In a nutshell, I just want to encourage and help women!”

Her proudest accomplishment to date isn’t, in fact, growing & maintaining a HUGE Instagram following or aesthetically pleasing website.  January shares that her relationships with her husband and two sons, as well as her strong faith are actually what have guided her through her day-to-day projects and overall achievement. If she could dream up any cool projects for the future, it would be to come back full-circle into designing. “Ahhh….I still have dreams of getting back to my apparel design roots someday. I’d love…for my blogging business to allow me to be a part of designing a line for a much-loved company that I can then blog about! THAT would be a really cool feather in my cap for me!”

In all her experience, January has learned to face challenges as an opportunity to grow and extend her faith. She firmly believes that there’s nothing like facing difficult situations head-on. She applies the same mantra that pushes her through her tough her gym classes to any other life oppositions, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” … sounds like we’ll have to start using that line in our Body Pump & Yoglates sessions!

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