W(o)W - Aliesha Bree

This week’s female feature is a woman near and dear to our hearts. Aliesha Bree is a beauty & fashion expert, specializing as an editorial makeup artist. What makes her so special to us is that this cutting-edge artist on the rise is Sherin’s baby sister! Here’s more about our Power Pump Girl Woman of the Week, Bree!


Bree began her makeup career out of a place of passion and creativity. With no formal training, Bree is a self-taught freelance artist that created styles and techniques of her own. “All my experience was built on working as a freelance artist. My best lessons were spent [with] late nights having someone brave enough to let me be painting away on their face.”  Like many entrepreneurs, Bree believed enough in herself and her gifts to take “a leap of faith” and create something of her own from the ground up. She got her start by opening a studio in Lake Charles, La that housed other makeup artists and gave them the opportunity to connect with other artists and thrive within their craft. From there, Bree was afforded management opportunities for two cosmetic brands, which led to several industry connections for more work with publications, film, and other productions.

Bree defines purpose as love: “Love is the highest vibration. When you are living, working, and truly walking in your purpose, you are emitting/sharing something with the world that is far greater than you can even imagine.” We can attest that Bree is definitely walking in her purpose and using her gift to spread love, as evidenced in her work. And while she agrees that there’s no fool-proof formula to entrepreneurial success, Bree believes that living “BEYOND your fears, not BEHIND them” is empowering in itself. She also encourages women to be persistent and trust the process. Bree says that whatever you work hard for will work hard for you, and we agree!



While it’s difficult for her to pinpoint a stand-alone peak moment of success, Bree’s sense of accomplishment stems from every session she completes. Put simply, “To be able to do what I love for a living is something I’m immensely proud of.” Her goals for the future are to continue to empower and inspire women, and in the short-term, “…I definitely see myself as a Global Artist and Educator.”

Bree’s favorite pair of pumps are a true testament of her style and personality. She says her metallic silver boots make her feel like a badass because, in her opinon, metals add an edge to any situation. We have to co-sign in saying that her boots and her career as an artist are cutting edge and on the rise.


For more of her work, visit her site: www.alieshabree.com

Insta: @alieshaxbree // Twitter: @alieshabree //Snap: @alieshabree

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