Started From The Bottom, Now We Here!

It’s Wednesday right? We want to highlight some true BOSS-BABES that inspire us to grind and focus on our dreams daily! Some of these women share their stories on our favorite podcast: NPR’s, “How I Built This.”  HIBT is a easy-listening podcast “about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built.” It is our hope that you find a little inspo of your own in the stories of these powerhouse women. The moral of all their stories is that you don’t need much to do something great, you just have to start where you are with what you have and grind until it happens. Enjoy!

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Lisa Price

You can find her story on NPR's How I built This!

Lisa is the founder of Carols Daughter , a natural hair, body, and skin care line. She started making her own products in her kitchen over two decades ago with only $100 and a goal of finding a solution to her dry skin problems. After MUCH trial and error, Lisa developed a body butter and set out to the flea markets to sell her product to the public. Over time, her product line expanded and became so popular it peaked the interest of famous investors like Jay Z, Jada Pinkett Smith, & Will Smith! Today, Lisa has turned that $100 into a MULTIMILLION dollar company that has since been acquired by L’Oreal!

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Sara Blakely

You can find her story on NPR's How I Built This!

Ok, first of all…how freaking cool is she?! Ladies, meet THE Sara Blakely… she is literally our spirit animal and is the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire! Yes, -illionare with a B. What does Sara do? She’s just the casual inventor of our beloved Spanx…no big deal (HUGE DEAL)! When she was 27 years old, Sara decided that selling fax machines just wasn’t fulfilling her, although she was quite great it. She’d also held jobs doing stand up comedy & ride-greeting at Disney, but that wasn’t cutting it either. Who can relate? Haha! One day, she had enough and she set out to solve a problem with her “good luck” pants. Long story short, she took her $5,000 in savings, earned from selling fax machines, and set out to find a seamstress and manufacturer to create a hosiery that eliminated panty lines while also acting as a girdle. Sara basically re-invented the wheel in creating a MUCH NEEDED shapewear line for women. She created and earned the then-in-existent patent for what we all know and love as Spanx. Today, Sara Blakely is worth $1.1 billion dollars!

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Sophia Amoruso

She has an entire Netflix series on her story!

Sophia started boss’n at the age of 23! What started as a way to make rent money ended up being what changed her life forever. She started an eBay store selling vintage clothes to random women across the country. After brainstorming for what seemed like forever, she finally named her retail baby, Nasty Gal. She bought low and sold high. In 2008, her business made $223,000 and grew to $23 million by 2011! Since,  this Girl Boss, has run a successful blog, written books, planned and conquered an-all girls empowerment conference (our life dream), aaaaand has had an entire Netflix series dedicated to her. Ya know, just few small accomplishments.

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