Lovin' the KREWE


*summa summa summa timeeee*

Although we may complain from time to time about this Louisiana heat (moreso the humidity, tbh), we love spending our summers in the boot! And we have to admit, our recent purchase of our Krewe “Gravier” sunnies  have made these southern temps a lot more bearable!

Krewe is a New-Orleans based eye-wear company that is slaying the streets with their high-fashion optic designs. Krewe offers a wide-range of unique but trendy eye-wear that have graced the faces of many of our celeb faves.  We snagged a pair each in their Royal Street store and haven’t looked back since! So worth the splurge!





What we love most about this local company is that the founder, Stirling, think similarly about New Orleans and Louisiana as we do. He unboxes the limited expectations of others regarding Louisianians and reintroduces southern style and inspiration in his work. His philosophy is “DO something from somewhere no one would expect.” #RETWEET

We do things out of the ordinary on purpose and it rocks!

If you aren’t in town or don’t have time to stop in the New Orleans shop, the Krewe Tiny House is spreading that Nola southern charm across the country at local festivals, pop-ups and more. You can follow its travels on social media using the hashtag #krewetinyhouse .

Next, we’re eyeing (…get it??) Krewe’s optical line and will most likely be purchasing a pair of their Rx lenses soon. Because why not? Sign up for their newsletter today and get 10% off your first purchase online!