Lemme Upgrade you


We recently underwent a brand revamp, thanks to our good friend and creative genius, Matt Dawson! We knew we had outgrown our previous logo (see below) that took on a literal interpretation of the “pump” aspect of our brand, but weren’t sure which direction we were headed with creating a new look.

In spending more & more time (mainly virtually via email) with Matt, he totally took our chaos of idea vomit and created something entirely perfect. To quote Sherin directly, he gave us “exactly what we never knew we wanted!” Our new branding is the epitome of what power pump girls stands for: unity, togetherness, strength, boldness, uniqueness. Our favorite aspects are the lightning bolt (that we kept from the original logo), simply because it reminds us of the striking “power” us women have when we walk into a room with boldness! We also like that, if you look closely, the interconnected “PPG” looks like a set of brass knuckles. Talk about badass.

Now that we have our new branding, we’ll be rolling out some PPG exclusive merch, with tons of giveaway opportunities! We’re stoked about having such a strong new look for our brand and can’t wait to introduce y’all to all we have in store!