We are all born with the tools necessary to make the perfect life for ourselves. However, with no instructions, all we really have is untapped potential. I use a particular example to motivate all of my friends and, over time, I’ve realized that it’s always been very helpful. The tactic I use is to explain how to bake a pie, because A.) I’m usually hungry and B.) who doesn’t love pie?

Ok girl, here goes!

With all the different pie types in the world (my personal fave being apple), there’s always a specific way to bake each pie. The perfect pie is achieved by following a specific set of instructions. If you miss an ingredient or skip a step in the instructions, you have created something other than pie. In your home right now, you may have all of the ingredients you need to bake a warm, flaky apple pie, but with no instructions, you simply have loose groceries. The ingredients are simple, but vital to achieving your goal. 

flour, salt, butter, water, eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, lemon or lemon juice. 


Now, what if I placed all of these ingredients (that you already had just sitting in your fridge & pantry) and asked you to bake me a pie from scratch. No cheating allowed… could you do it? Let’s face it, most of us wouldn’t even know where to begin without Google, phoning a friend, or having grandma’s recipe on file. But, what if I sent you to the kitchen with all of those same ingredients AND the instructions on how to bake the pie? Your slim-to-none chances of success have just increased! Unlike before, you can go in and mix all of these things together, and with time, patience, and focus your final product will be the pie you intended to make! Even more excitingly, you can eat it! … kidding (not really), but stick with me here!

Just like there isn’t one single pie recipe in the world, there isn’t one, singular way to be successful or live a fulfilled life. However, whichever way you choose, make sure you are using all of the ingredients that you have for the best outcome. If you leave an ingredient out, then you’ve created something other than what you can truly have. The ingredients are simple, yet vital to achieving your goals. 

persistence, strength, faith, courage, respect, imagination, love, relationships, tenacity, patience, and kindness. 

What if I told you that you already had all of these ingredients shelved inside your personal pantry? What if I asked you to create a life using all of these ingredients? Could you do it? Let’s face it, most of us don’t. Most of us are comfortable just making random things utilizing one or two of these ingredients. I challenge you to break the status quo and use ALL the ingredients in your pantry! Utilize all that you are given and make the best darn life you can have. The most rewarding part is, when the final product (i.e. the best version of YOU) is baked & ready, you get to share it with everyone! …and that’s what it’s all about.

Now let’s get cookin’!

Power Pump Girls, Inc.