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First, we’d like to introduce ourselves: We’re Raina (left) & Sherin(right) – the co-founders of Power Pump Girls! We are business partners, friends, practically sisters, and lovers of all things girl-powered.

The story of Power Pump Girls started on Snapchat. LOL we’re kidding, but it kinda did (& we’ll get to that later!) In all honesty, the two of us have always had an insatiable passion for starting a girl group that did more than just meet over coffee or wine to talk about Netflix series — no diss, we LOVE all three of those! We’ve always envisioned being a part of a group of strong, free-thinking, dream-chasing women that actually did something consistently to make the world a better place. A group of women that weren’t afraid to tap into and share their natural gifts to make someone else’s life that much more incredible!

So with sugar, spice, everything nice…and a secret ingredient, chemical X, Power Pump Girls was born! …kidding again!

The vision for the group was something we’ve always had in our hearts. As event planners by trade, up until now, we’ve toiled with several lists, ideas, and logistics trying to figure out how to make “it” work… how to make the vision come alive. The catalyst was discovering the identity for our “it.”  The name itself literally fell from the heavens when Raina posted a Snapchat mirror selfie in a pair of her favorite heels. She captioned it “Power Pump Girls.” In that moment, we knew they had just tapped into something extra special!

So what can you expect from Power Pump Girls other than cute Instagram photos and a blog post every now and then? Gurrrrl… so much more! We believe we are here for a purpose, on a special mission. We plan to use Power Pump Girls as a launchpad for an inspiring online merch shop, engaging pop-up events, community giveback opportunities, product launches, interactive podcasts and blogs, and the icing on the cake… a conference in 2018!

We’re humbled that you’re taking this journey with us – we look forward to seeing where we end up, the people we’ll meet, and the experiences we’ll share! Subscribe to our blog and sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

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Power Pump Girls, Inc.