Guide to LA pt.1 SHOPPING!

Hey there PPGs!

We’re finally (somewhat) unpacked and ready to spill the beans on all best eats, shops, and experiences LA has to offer! We hope this guide serves as a useful tool for your next LA trip, whether it’s for work, vacation, a girls’ trip, or any combo of those!

Our 4-day trip was JAM PACKED with to-do’s and we still didn’t get to accomplish everything we set out to. BUT, we’ll be dishing on our faves here  in The Shoebox for the next few days! First, In part 1, we’re giving you our top suggestions on spaces to splurge!

The Grove

The Grove is a great place to plan to shop if you’re indecisive and don’t want to do a ton of walking/driving. This shopping center had a ton of stores to choose from, including some of our favprite brands (that don’t have brick and mortar stores here in Louisiana). We were able to find some much needed essentials and new fall wears at Madewell, Topshop, and Zara. TBH, we would have spent more time here if we weren’t starving and eager to explore another part of town.

Orris Perfumery

We had to double back while walking past the Orris store on Melrose. You literally get a whiff of the calming scents from THE STREET! We went inside to explore and sample all the in-store handmade perfumes and were blown away. Raina just couldn’t walk away without purchasing a bottle of Onde Biancha. We were told that the best way to wear these scents are with a few spritzes in your hair, rather than all over your body, to create more of an “essence” than a perfume. Our vote for Orris is that its completely worth the splurge and long-lasting!

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.57.09 PM.png

Bleu Clothing

Again, while waiting to eat, we stumbled upon this high-fashion and super on-trend boutique, Bleu Clothing. The store clerks & owner were so gracious and accommodating! The pants Sherin was purchasing were a tad too long, so one of the clerks literally ran over to their local tailor and had them hemmed and back at the store before closing time! WHAT?! We even shared complimentary snacks and girl talk while we waited! Ashley O. snagged some snazzy black, high-waisted pants that lent her ALL the compliments, and Raina walked away with a pair of killer black booties. Wins all around.


This Australian brand on Melrose knows all about the pattern play! Gorman is this uber-colorful shop that has a ton of adorable matching sets, swimsuits, and jumpers. Ashley O. scored another win with her blue & white two-piece (think upcale Bananas in Pajamas) and had way to much fun playing dress up with the young, lively clerks. This store has a ton of good vibes and crazy unique garments worth checking out!

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.59.47 PM.png

Rag & Bone

One of Sherin’s favorite, classic tops was a total steal at Rag & Bone during her last visit to the City of Angels. This go-to store houses some amazing, high-quality, and timeless pieces that pair well with other members of your wardrobe that may be more on the “extra” side.


Reformation is clean, crisp, and classic. Both their regular store and vintage shop have fabulous finds that you can seemingly only find in LA. Just walking in makes you feel “next-level.” We were able to try on some cool combos and pick out some unique fall trousers and printed tops that will for sure to be conversation starters!


The Guise Archives

This shop was easily our most memorable and random shop stop of the entire trip. On Raina’s list of “must buys” for LA were a new pair of eyeglasses. We stumbled upon Guise Archiveson the corner of Melrose & N Hayworth Ave and the lit-uation began. Our store clerk, Chelsea, immediately picked out a stellar pair of pearl pink Valley frames for Raina and it was a party from there! We continued to try on fun frames, shared shots of tequila, and ended the visit with an invitation to a private party in The Hills. Trust us, we can’t make this stuff up!

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