Fight the Flood


In August 2016, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (where we call home) experienced a “historic, unprecedented flood event.”  The unexpected, but constant, rain brought about 13 deaths and over 10 BILLION (with a B) dollars in property damage. With rain falling at an average rate of 2-3 inches per hour, the heart-wrenching results included many homes being flooded with several feet of water, some filling to their rooftops.

As devastating as this weather catastrophe was, there was a rainbow at the end of it all. The Baton Rouge community (swiftly) came together as one unit to rebuild homes, schools, and businesses. It seemed as though every neighbor, co-worker, friend, and family member immediately lent a hand to anyone in need, no questions asked. Local emergency shelters were swarming with flood victims and seemingly an equal amount eager, selfless volunteers.

It seemed as though Baton Rouge was instantaneously turned into a hub of hope. Everyone pulled together the best of what they had to offer for the sake of rebuilding the community. Just days after the flood, local musicians gathered at Dyson House Listening Room and began writing and recoding an anthem celebrating the strength that forced its way out of the hearts of many. The song was not only for the benefit of others, but for the musicians themselves to use as a healing mechanism as they rebuilt from the flood. The end result? 25 passionate Baton Rouge musicians, singers, and writers collaborating on a song they called “Fight the Flood.”  It was a “creation from destruction.”

“Fight the Flood” is being released for the anniversary of the event that inspired its beginning and can be purchased on “This song consisted of great and powerful women,” Jeff Roedel, Creative Consultant, says. We are celebrating the women who played their part by sharing their gift of music. Among those women are Molly Taylor, Quaina Lynell, Chloe Marie Johnson, Jodi James, Emily Ash & Nancy Armstrong

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