Diva is a Female Version of a (Side) Hustler


Side hustle is the new black. These days, as comfortable as the typical 9-5 is, us millennials seem to be gravitating towards working on more than just our “job job.” The trend in side-hustling has grown in recent years, leaving many to wonder what and how we can pick up another gig to make some extra coins.


Look no further! Several editorials, including two of our faves: Entrepreneur and Girl Boss have detailed ways you can keep the grind going past your 5:00 PM clock-out.

1.       DO WHAT YOU DO.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular in this age of budding creatives. Do you have mad graphic design skills? Or maybe you’re an expert cracked screen replacer. What about those gel manicures everyone loves? If you’re good at something…and more importantly…if you ENJOY doing it, it’s worth getting paid for. Start spreading the word about whatever “it” is you do and you’ll be surprised at how much your gift may be in demand. Check out Fiverr if you need help getting a client base started.

2.       READY. SET. LAUNCH!

Again, if you have a product you enjoy making, why not cash in on it by launching an online store? If you’d prefer the wholesale or subscription-based route, that’s cool too! Launching an online store is easier than you might think, and making yourself available to a larger marker via the interweb can help you make moolah with ease. If you need a little inspo, check out the story about the founder of Glossier and this guy that sells beef jerky.


Kicking it back to our highschool job days: house -sitting & dog walking. Literally. These sites can get you started:




Welcome to the new age. The shared economy is a booming, flourishing industry that many of us partake in on the reg. Think: Uber, Lyft, Air BnB. While you’re welcomed to join any of those big three sharing companies, there’s more to the sharing market than meets the eye. There’s tons of sharing companies with sub-sectors that may be worth checking out – i.e. Spinlister and Cameralends that allow you to share your goods in exchange for cash. Side hustle made simple.


If party hosting is more your thing (raises both hands), there’s a few ways you can whip up some cash doing so. Entrepreneur suggests “hosting events without aiming for thousands of sign-ups, vendors and high-profile guest speakers. Instead, form a free MeetUp group on a topic you’re knowledgeable about, like growth hacking, and run free events.” Once you have a solid following or decent-sized interest group, you can begin charging admission in exchange for a reputable host, food and drinks, and nicer venues.

What are some ways you make extra cash on the side? Comment below and link us to any sites you have featuring your own side hustle!

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