Applause for Aerie


sing it with us, now!  “I want to thank you for letting me be myself again!”

As we all know, body-shaming has been at an all-time high since social media made its debut. But thankfully, brands and social figures are beginning to flip the script! And they should, because c’mon… us women are pretty damn amazing! The female body is capable of some INCREDIBLE, super-human stuff and should be celebrated for such. Gal Gadot gave us all the feels when she commercialized just how wonderful us women really are despite what our bodies can put us through. Let’s face it, we endure excruciating pain once a month (and still have to manage to be nice); get insane craving combos like chocolate, pickle juice and french fries; and to top it off, we have the ability to birth ACTUAL humans. On that note, * mic drop *

We say all that to say, our bodies are constantly changing and we shouldn’t feel down about it! We love that the social norm is shifting to embrace the female body as is…. changes and all.  Aerie recently rocked our socks with their retouch-free summer campaign and we are HERE. FOR. IT. We absolutely L O V E what this campaign  stands for and appreciate the write-up Darling Magazine did on it! We’re gonna give you a snippet, but puh-leasseee go read the full article for yourself.




Culture shifts and evolving social norms are a hot topic right now, and we think it’s important to have open discussions about it. Darling had another great feature where they discussed the fashion industry and the use of Photoshop. Commercial retouching has a deliberate impact on consumers’ subconscious that is just now being reversed by these social shifts. Aerie, along with Darling Magazine, believes that women are good enough exactly as they are! This stance is so refreshing to hear from brands with as much social clout and exposure as they have. We’re hopeful that it’s only a matter of time before more notable brands follow suit, recognizing the incredible impact that authentically portraying women’s bodies can have.

We believe change requires engagement and we applaud  Aerie for their steadfast commitment to zero retouching of women used in their images.  You can follow the campaign using their hashtag #AerieREAL .

Power Pump Girls, Inc.