W(o)W - Maaliyah Papillion

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You may recognize her dazzling smile from the big stage of the 2016 Miss USA or her adorable laugh from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search, but we know Maaliyah Papillion as a true Power Pump Girl through & through.



Maaliyah is a 22-year-old Psychology major at McNeese State University. Even though she’s still “just” a student, Maaliyah is already making the world her oyster! A Lake Charles, LA native, she served as the city’s first ever Miss Louisiana USA in 2016. Since competing at Miss USA, Maaliyah has continued to work within her community and is especially interested in empowering young girls and women to pursue their dreams, just as she did! Considering it was one of her proudest accomplishments to date, Maaliyah is grateful to be able to use the Miss USA platform to represent her home state and to positively influence young girls and women.

In getting to know Maaliyah, you’ll immediately recognize that she is an absolute go-getter. When facing challenges, she gears up by finding the good in the situation “because it makes it easy to think of a solution and see my way out. There is always something positive around you, you just have to look close enough.”



Maaliyah is an advocate for women having positive body image and strong self-esteem. She believes “purposes is what gives you life,” and that purpose is unique to everyone, but is whatever gets you excited and motivates you to do better.  The most rewarding part of doing what you love, according to Maaliyah, is “seeing your vision come to life.”

While Maaliyah has big plans for the future, her overall goals in life are to maintain a state of happiness, success, and peace of mind. What she enjoys most about her work is meeting people from all walks of life – listening to their stories, sharing jokes, laughing, connecting. Her advice to female entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in the making? “Believe in yourself first and don’t let life’s curveballs get you off track.”

With a resume as extensive as Maaliyah’s, all before her college graduation, we can’t wait to see what she’s capable of when her power pumps hit the streets with a degree in hand!  Speaking of pumps, her faves are her metallic gold pumps because they are fun & flashy, much like her personality.


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