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Are you hosting an event you’d like to partner with the PPG brand? We can help you to plan, design, and manage your event in collaboration with the Power Pump Girls mission & vision.


Would you like your brand featured on the PPG social media platforms? Your product or service will be highlighted via a high-quality sponsored photo on our social media sites.


Do you need connection to other boss babes in your area? We happen to know a few! Let us know the type of creative entrepreneur or businesswomen you’re looking for and we’ll connect you within our network database!




Would you like Sherin & Raina to make an appearance or speak at your next event? We can create a presentation to fit your event needs while endorsing the PPG brand.


The Shoe Box is always loaded with the latest hot topics, business tools, and encouraging messaging. If you’d like to guest blog for our site or would like one of the PPG founders to guest author for yours, let us know!


Do you have a brand you’d like us to promote to our girl squad? We would love to represent your company or movement!

Partner with PPG

Power Pump Girls’ third pillar “empower together” is embedded in our belief that when women work together, we’re unstoppable! If you have a brand message, product, or service you’d like to promote, we want to work together! Power Pump Girls is founded on principle of collaboration; therefore, we love to partner with brands whose goals are in alignment with our overall message & mission!

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