Our Vision

Empower Together


In creating Power Pump Girls, Inc,  founders, Sherin Dawud and Raina Vallot sought to address a need in their community. The need was to provide a safe space & not so safe place for women to come together. They found that taking someone outside of their safe space, caused perspectives to change and approaches to shift. The ultimate goal is to find the triggering fear or block stopping each woman from moving forward in their dreams and replace it with confidence, and the resources needed to do so. Additionally, there was an obvious generational gap between the millennials of today and the generation of successful women that had come before. The Power Pump GIrls (PPG) organization was founded with the belief that women are better together - when we put our minds to something, we’re unstoppable! Since its creation, PPG has hosted several hands-on workshops that equip local women with the tools necessary to be successful in their respective fields. PPG has also hosted social meet-ups that have provided the opportunity for women to connect other locals within their community. Founders, 

Sherin & Raina, continue to bridge the gap between generations of women by engaging in after-school programs for young girls, speaking at local schools, and volunteering with other organizations focused on aiding and equipping the female youth in their community.

 Power Pump Girls is a community of women that bring together the best of their abilities to create and serve something greater than their individual selves. Our mission is to ENCOURAGE goodness, ELEVATE purpose, & EMPOWER together..

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Sherin & Raina
Founders, PPG

 Encourage Goodness. Elevate Purpose. Empower Together.

Encourage Goodness. Elevate Purpose. Empower Together.