Over throw the status quo.

Highlighting phenomenal women doing extraordinary
things in unconventional ways. 

By definition, a "strike" is a forcible impact that brings about a collective transformation. In the summer of 2018, Power Pump Girls, Inc. is hosting it's first-ever milennial women's conference: STRIKE. 

STRIKE is a space where we come together with the deliberate intention to overthrow the status quo. We’ve revolutionized the average women's conference with above-average workshops, keynote presentations, & break-out social sessions. Attendees will leave energized with tangible goals, feasible tactics, and new mentors and collaborators to help them achieve their dreams. STRIKE will equip and empower millennial women to build a solid foundation while demolishing the obstacles in their way.. STRIKE is taking a break from business as usual to redefine success on our own terms! 

Join Power Pump Girls this summer as we “Go on STRIKE!